19-12-2017 Hold your drink, & don't uncap bottles on metro Times of India
08-12-2017 ‘Metro Rail upto Raidurg in 2 years’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
08-12-2017 ‘Public prefer Metro Trains’- (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
08-12-2017 ‘Metro Rail extension upto Raidurg in 2 years’- (Telugu) Eenadu
08-12-2017 ‘Metro to run upto Raidurg by end of November2019’- (Telugu) Sakshi
08-12-2017 ‘Metro works are going on at brisk pace from Ameerpet to Hi-tec city’- (Hindi) Hindi Milap
08-12-2017 Worked overtime on Metro safety audit: CMRS chief India Express
08-12-2017 Works on Raidurg metro line to begin Telangana Today
08-12-2017 Take a stroll to station: Metro corridors across the to be pedestrian friendly Times of India
05-12-2017 ‘Art forms of Telangana culture on Metro Rail pillars’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
05-12-2017 Front evacuation in Metro for emergencies The Hindu
04-12-2017 ‘Denizens of Hyderabad throng Metro Trains with their family & friends’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
04-12-2017 ‘High security for Metro Rail’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
04-12-2017 ‘New experience’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
04-12-2017 ‘Every one cooperated for Metro’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
04-12-2017 ‘Felicitation to Mr.NVS Reddy’- (Telugu) Sakshi
04-12-2017 Selfie Mania at Metro Stations Times of India
03-12-2017 ‘Wants to travel by Metro?..wait for sometime’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
03-12-2017 ‘Response to Metro is super..ready for phase 2 - KTR’- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
03-12-2017 ‘Our Metro Man’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
03-12-2017 ‘Good response for Metro Rail – KTR’- (Hindi) Hindi Milap
03-12-2017 Now, you can use Metro stations as FOBs The Hindu
02-12-2017 ‘Sultan bazaar traders called on Metro Rail MD’ – (Telugu) Nava Telangana
02-12-2017 ‘Metro train wrapped in publicity’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
30-11-2017 ‘Our City Our Metro’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
30-11-2017 ‘Selfie mania at Metro stations’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
30-11-2017 ‘Public eager to experience Metro’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
30-11-2017 ‘1 lakh crossed on first day’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
30-11-2017 ‘How is Metro Rail journey?’ – (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
30-11-2017 ‘Our Metro’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
30-11-2017 ‘Response is beyond expectation’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
30-11-2017 ‘Metro euphoria on the first day’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
30-11-2017 ‘Happy journey’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
30-11-2017 ‘Rising Metro’ – (Telugu) Mana Telangana
30-11-2017 ‘Good response to Metro’ – (Telugu) Mana Telangana
30-11-2017 ‘How is Metro Rail journey?’ – (Telugu) Nava Telangana
30-11-2017 ‘Crowded Metro’ – (Telugu) Nava Telangana
30-11-2017 ‘Metro euphoria’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
30-11-2017 ‘Travelled world over for unique designs to Hyderabad Metro’ – (Telugu) Surya
30-11-2017 ‘Heavy rush to travel by Metro Rail’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
30-11-2017 Overwhleming response on day one Telangana Today
30-11-2017 Metro makes a mark on Day 1! Deccan Chronicle
29-11-2017 ‘Key persons behind Metro project’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
29-11-2017 ‘Metro nerve centre in Hydernagar’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
29-11-2017 ‘Metro Rail on track’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
29-11-2017 ‘Thousands throng at Metro stations’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
29-11-2017 ‘Metro Rail on track’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
29-11-2017 Our Metro, Our Pride The Hans India
29-11-2017 Innovative Metro rail to serve Hyderabadis from today The Hindu
28-11-2017 ‘Metro City’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
28-11-2017 'Metro turn’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
28-11-2017 ‘Smart bikes in Metro stations' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
28-11-2017 ‘A fine day’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
28-11-2017 ‘oppositions’ cheap politics - KTR’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
28-11-2017 ‘New chapter in Hyderabad – Metro Rail to run from today’ – (Hindi) Swatantra Vaarth
28-11-2017 All 3 corridors functional by Dec '18' Times of India
28-11-2017 KTR: Metro will be game-changer Telangana Today
28-11-2017 Inaugural pylon reflects the past and future The Hindu
27-11-2017 ‘Metro coaches super’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
27-11-2017 ‘Metro Rail project agreement done in 2010 only’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
27-11-2017 ‘Marigold flower plants below Metro viaduct’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
27-11-2017 ‘Artistic images on Metro Rail pillars’- (Telugu) Eenadu
27-11-2017 ‘State of the art safety measures’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
27-11-2017 ‘Our Metro fare is cheaper’- (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
27-11-2017 ‘Impressive pylon’- (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
27-11-2017 ‘Memorable stop...Metro pylon’- (Telugu) Sakshi
27-11-2017 ‘Precast wonder’- (Telugu) Sakshi
27-11-2017 ‘Colourful Metro corridors of the city’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
27-11-2017 Metro plaza to be the next landmark Telangana Today
27-11-2017 Hyd Metro will break-even only after 6-7 years Times of India
26-11-2017 ‘Metro Rail charges – Min Rs.10 & Max Rs.60’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
26-11-2017 ‘High security for Metro’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
26-11-2017 ‘Metro Rail services upto 10 PM’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
26-11-2017 ‘Minimum fare Rs.10’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
26-11-2017 ‘Metro Rail creates records right from opening’ – (Telugu) Mana Telangana
26-11-2017 ‘Metro City’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
26-11-2017 ‘Metro Rail timings 6 AM to 10 PM’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
26-11-2017 ‘KTR said Hyderabad Metro Rail is ready in all respects’ – (Hindi) Swatantra Vaartha
26-11-2017 Metro Fare starts at rs:10 Deccan Chronicle
21-11-2017 ‘Adding beauty to Metro Piers’- (Telugu) Eenadu
21-11-2017 ‘Route clear for Metro operations’- (Telugu) Eenadu
21-11-2017 ‘Not just plain concrete structures - they are artefacts ’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
21-11-2017 ‘Metro right right’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
21-11-2017 ‘Each floor has its own uniqueness’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
21-11-2017 ‘Metro journey is environmental friendly’- (Telugu) Sakshi
21-11-2017 Redefining public transport Telangana Today
21-11-2017 Safety clearance for inaugural metro stretch The Hindu
21-11-2017 SR Nagar-Mettuguda was missing link in 30-km Metro rail corridor Times of India
20-11-2017 ‘Malls to open with Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
20-11-2017 ‘Construction of Metro Pylon under surveillance’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
20-11-2017 ‘Impossible become possible’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
20-11-2017 ‘Awards galore before launch’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
20-11-2017 Metro Rail sets another benchmark Telangana Today
20-11-2017 Driverless technology on metro rail The Hindu
19-11-2017 ‘Beautiful Metro coaches’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
19-11-2017 ‘World’s best technology’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
19-11-2017 ‘Metro has brought green cover’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
19-11-2017 ‘Compensation is a boon’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
19-11-2017 ‘Who laboured for Metro construction?’ – (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
19-11-2017 ‘Korea to Hyderabad’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
16-11-2017 ‘Illuminated Metro station’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
16-11-2017 ‘Global look..local art!’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
16-11-2017 ‘Mr SP Singh as Chairman of Metro Rail during both beginning & inauguration’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
16-11-2017 ‘May I help you’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
16-11-2017 ‘Modern technologies in Metro’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
15-11-2017 ‘Love to walk..’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
15-11-2017 ‘Metro walk! To people of Hyderabad’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
15-11-2017 ‘Fool proof security...!’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
15-11-2017 ‘Property prices up across Metro corridors!’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
15-11-2017 ‘New look with Metro’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
15-11-2017 ‘Uppal depot to control Metro’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
15-11-2017 Metro to go beyond just travel Telangana Today
15-11-2017 Commuters can get Metro every 15 minutes The Times of India
14-11-2017 ‘New selfie point in city’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
14-11-2017 ‘Dream Metro...A poem by NVS Reddy’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
14-11-2017 ‘Metro travel..Useful’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
14-11-2017 ‘Our Metro is world’s largest’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
14-11-2017 ‘Ameerpet Metro..Superb’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
14-11-2017 ‘Wi-fi & LED screens at Miyapur Metro station’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
14-11-2017 ‘Beautification of SR Nagar Metro station’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
14-11-2017 ‘Metro to be completed by end of 2018’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
14-11-2017 ‘Metro Rail inauguration works are going at brisk pace’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
13-11-2017 ‘Ameerpet to be Metro hub’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
13-11-2017 ‘Ameerpet to be Metro hub’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
13-11-2017 ‘Save time..stress free journey!’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
13-11-2017 ‘Malls..Marvellous’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
13-11-2017 ‘Illuminated Metro station’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
13-11-2017 Metro nerve centre gears up Telangana Today
12-11-2017 ‘Let’s travel in our Metro!’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
12-11-2017 ‘Unique..Innovative’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
11-11-2017 ‘Wow..Metro station’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
11-11-2017 ‘Wheelchair..directly into Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
11-11-2017 ‘Internet based cameras in Metro’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
10-11-2017 ‘Metro works are going at brisk pace’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
10-11-2017 ‘Hassle experience!’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
10-11-2017 ‘Metro a modern helm’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
10-11-2017 ‘Modern art’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
10-11-2017 'These 2 are key' - (Telugu) Sakshi
10-11-2017 Pedal back home from metro stations Telangana Today
09-11-2017 ‘40 people controlling the whole network’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
09-11-2017 ‘Innovative 'T-Savaari' App by Hyderabad Metro ’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
09-11-2017 ‘Governor & Minister MA&UD travel in Metro from SR Nagar’ – (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
09-11-2017 ‘Comfortable travel by T – Savari App !’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
09-11-2017 ‘Governor & Minister Mr. KTR travel in Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
09-11-2017 ‘Governor travels in Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Manam
09-11-2017 ‘Governor & Minister Mr. KTR travel in Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Mana Telangana
09-11-2017 ‘Prominent people travel in Metro’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
09-11-2017 ‘International travel experience with Metro’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
09-11-2017 ‘Governor Shri ESL Narasimhan boarded Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Nava Telangana
09-11-2017 ‘Metro a technology marvel’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
09-11-2017 ‘Minister Mr. KTR travels in Metro Rail’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
09-11-2017 ‘Governor & Minister Mr. KTR travel in Metro Rail’ – (Urdu) The Munsif
09-11-2017 Guv, KTR get a feel of the Metro Deccan Chronicle
09-11-2017 PM will flag off Metro Rail on Nov 28: KTR The Hans India
09-11-2017 KTR assures metro commuters of a world class travel experience The Hindu
08-11-2017 ‘Ameerpet station three storied wonder’ – (Telugu) Andhra-Jyothi
08-11-2017 ‘Metro run’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telanagana
08-11-2017 ‘Plantation on central median from Madhapur – Hitex to Jubilee Hills Check Post’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telanagana
08-11-2017 Hyderabad Metro Rail passed over Begumpet and reached Ameerpet as part of test run conducted on one km stretch on tuesday evening. Telanagana Today
08-11-2017 4 Sub-Stations put metro on track for uninterrupted run The Times of India
08-11-2017 Statutory requirements to be in place by Nov 20 The Times of India
07-11-2017 ‘Beatification of Metro corridors’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
07-11-2017 ‘Beautification of Metro stations’ – (Telugu) Nava Telangana
07-11-2017 ‘Track ready’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
07-11-2017 ‘Begumpet to Ameerpet route Metro line clear’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
07-11-2017 Center to come up with a Urbanisation police India Express
06-11-2017 ‘Comfortable travel in Metro’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
06-11-2017 ‘Metro interchange ready’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
05-11-2017 ‘A beautiful Metro canopy’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
05-11-2017 ‘Hyderabad Metro is unique in the world’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
03-11-2017 ‘Workers beauty...Ameerpet metro station’ (Telugu) Nava Telangana
03-11-2017 Metro pillar to show case TS pride Telangana Today
02-11-2017 ‘Ambedkar Station ..!’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
02-11-2017 ‘Day & night Metro Rail works’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
02-11-2017 Metro makes a giant crossover The Hindu
31-10-2017 Exotic plants worth rs:2cr to adorn Metro corridor The Times of India
30-10-2017 ‘Metro works are going at brisk pace’ – (Telugu) Nava Telangana
30-10-2017 ‘Metro Rail A,B & C zones’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
30-10-2017 ‘Metro to start from Miyapur’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
30-10-2017 ‘Metro corridors urban rejuvenation work on war footing’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
30-10-2017 ‘ Metroplex - what a wonder !’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
30-10-2017 Work in top gear at Metro Rail Stations Telangana Today
30-10-2017 Metro war room operation ready Telangana Today
30-10-2017 Street-level work below the metro stations picks up pace The Hindu
29-10-2017 ‘It is time for Metro’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
29-10-2017 ‘Two loco pilots in each train’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
28-10-2017 ‘Mini Airport..Metro station’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
28-10-2017 ‘Journalists request free ride on Metro Rail’- (Telugu) Mana Telangana
28-10-2017 ‘30 km in 45 min’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
27-10-2017 'I am happy...Metro is excellent' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
27-10-2017 'I am happy that Metro has become a reality' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
27-10-2017 'Appreciations to Metro project works' - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
27-10-2017 'I am happy at the inauguration of Metro' - (Telugu) Eenadu
27-10-2017 'Metro Man visits HMR' - (Telugu) Manam
27-10-2017 'Metro Man appreciates NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
27-10-2017 'Please provide free travel facility in Metro' - (Telugu) Sakshi
27-10-2017 '​Metro guru Sreedharan visits HMR' - (Telugu) Sakshi
27-10-2017 'Sreedharan visits Metro Bhavan' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
27-10-2017 Metro Man Visits Metro Rail Bhavan Deccan Chronicle
27-10-2017 Metro Man Visits HMR Bhavan Telangana Today
27-10-2017 'Metro Man of India' reviews progress of HMR The Hans India
26-10-2017 ‘ One metro station..two foot over bridges’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
26-10-2017 ‘Beautification of Metro Rail station surroundings’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
26-10-2017 ‘ Metro Rail gets green award’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
26-10-2017 17 Metro stations eco-friendly Telangana Today
26-10-2017 Platinum award for Metro rail stations The Hindu
25-10-2017 ‘Ameerpet interchange station nearing to completion’- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
25-10-2017 ‘Greenery for footpaths’- (Telugu) Eenadu
25-10-2017 ‘Metro mega malls ready’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
24-10-2017 HMR to build 40 toilets at 20 sations Telangana Today
24-10-2017 Metro work picks up pace, safety tests on The Times of India
23-10-2017 ‘Metro Rail is Crown Jewel of Hyderabad’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
23-10-2017 ‘Safety of Metro entrusted to Police department’- (Telugu) Eenadu
23-10-2017 ‘Nagole to Miyapur in 45 min’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
23-10-2017 HMR set for longest inaugural run Telangana Today
22-10-2017 ‘ Aramghar construction awsome’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
22-10-2017 ‘Inspection of Aramghar building’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
22-10-2017 HMR MD inspects Sainik Aramghar work Telangana Today
21-10-2017 ‘Metro Rail is Crown Jewel of Hyderabad’ – (Telugu) Telugu Times
21-10-2017 '​​Telangana Culture and tradition on Metro Pillars' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
21-10-2017 '​​Aaramghar works at fast pace'- (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
21-10-2017 '​​Aramghar inspection' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
21-10-2017 Woman engg grads to steer Metro trains The Hans India
21-10-2017 Mettuguda to Begumpet Metro ready for trial run The Times of India
19-10-2017 ​'Awesome...Amazing' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
19-10-2017 '​​​With perfect coordination' - (Telugu) Eenadu
19-10-2017 '​​Metro Rytu Bazaar Soon' - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
18-10-2017 '​CBTC and OCC technology in Metro' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
18-10-2017 ​'A green carpet welcome to the pedestrians' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
18-10-2017 ​The driving force of Metro Rail Telangana Today
17-10-2017 'Time to Chugg' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
17-10-2017 Metro Rail aims at foolproof security Telangana Today
16-10-2017 'Metro under complete safety ' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
16-10-2017 'No Vacancy' - (Telugu) Sakshi
16-10-2017 'No Vacancy' - (Telugu) Sakshi
15-10-2017 'Metro works to be completed in 10 days ' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
15-10-2017 'Interchange station reaches final stage of construction' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
15-10-2017 'Final touches at a fast pace' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
15-10-2017 'Final touches on fast track' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
15-10-2017 HMR cautions job aspirants against fake recruitments Telangana Today
15-10-2017 Fraudsters dupe youth in name of Metro jobs The Times of India
14-10-2017 'Trial Run' - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
14-10-2017 'Metro tests and Runs' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
14-10-2017 'Metro Rail Ready - PM gives the nod for inauguration ' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
14-10-2017 'Metro Rail Ready' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
14-10-2017 PMO Seeks Metro Rail Details Telangana Today
13-10-2017 'Metro chugs till Begumpet' - (Telugu) Eenadu
10-10-2017 '​Metro works complete till Begumpet' - (Telugu) Sakshi
10-10-2017 '​Metro works complete till Begumpet' - (Telugu) Sakshi
10-10-2017 ​ 'Metro to curb pollution' - (Telugu) Eenadu
10-10-2017 'Green signal for Metro trial run between Mettuguda-Begumpet' - (Telugu) Eenadu
10-10-2017 Metro trial run soon till Begumpet Deccan Chronocle
10-10-2017 A section of Hyderabad Metro ready for trial run Business Line
08-10-2017 'Metro card to offer 16 multiple services' - (Telugu) Eenadu
05-10-2017 'Progress of Metro beautification works at various stages' - (Telugu) Eenadu
04-10-2017 CM wants HMR to connect a bigger Shamshabad airport Deccan chronicle
04-10-2017 KCR pitches for metro link to airport , another runway The Times of India
03-10-2017 Focus on crowd dispersal at HMR stations Telangana Today
03-10-2017 ‘Harmless Metro stations ’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
03-10-2017 ‘Widening of footpaths at Metro stations for ease of commuters’- (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
03-10-2017 HMR to widen footpaths The Hindu
03-10-2017 ‘Metro stations are harmless ’- (Telugu) Sakshi
03-10-2017 ‘Footpaths at Metro stations to be widened’- (Hindi) Hindi Milap
03-10-2017 ‘Widening of footpaths at Metro stations’- (Telugu) Eenadu
03-10-2017 ‘Footpaths to be widened at Metro station’- (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
02-10-2017 ‘Ameerpet interchange station works are going at brisk pace’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
30-09-2017 Metro to start trail runs soon Telangana Today
30-09-2017 ‘Metro stations inspected by CP Hyderabad; MD HMRL & CP Cyberabad’ - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
30-09-2017 ‘Metro stations inspected by CP Hyderabad & CP Cyberabad’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
28-09-2017 ‘Bathukamma celebrations at Metro Rail Bhavan’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
28-09-2017 ‘Bathukamma celebrations at Metro Rail Bhavan’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
28-09-2017 ‘Bathukamma celebrations at Metro Rail Bhavan’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
27-09-2017 ‘Metro rail multi level parking complex’- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
27-09-2017 An engineering innovation and urban redesign opportunity Financial Express
26-09-2017 ‘Cool travel’- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
26-09-2017 ‘All piers erected from Miyapur to LB Nagar’- (Telugu) Eenadu
24-09-2017 ‘Metro station all in one’- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
24-09-2017 ‘Metro Rail to set records’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
23-09-2017 ‘Beautification of Metro stations’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
23-09-2017 ‘Modern amenities to women and children in Metro Rail’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
23-09-2017 ‘Hyderabad Metro Rail is world’s largest PPP project’- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
23-09-2017 ‘World’s largest PPP project is Hyderabad Metro Rail’- (Telugu) Eenadu
23-09-2017 Top notch facilities at HMR:NVS Reddy Telangana Today
22-09-2017 ‘Metro to be completed by 2018’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
22-09-2017 ‘Our Metro is smart’- (Telugu) Sakshi
22-09-2017 ‘We can ride the Metro train by November 20th ‘- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
22-09-2017 ‘Metro Rail ready’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
22-09-2017 ‘KTR inspects Metro Rail works’- (Hindi) Hindi Milap
22-09-2017 Smart cards , mini buses to beat commutings blues The Hans India
22-09-2017 "KTR Reviwes Metro,vows Nov inaugural" The Times of India
21-09-2017 'MD, HMRL inspects Erragadda Metro station'- (Telugu) Eenadu
21-09-2017 Hyderabad Metro trial runs to begin next month Business Line
20-09-2017 'Keep Bus bays available at Metro stations: Chief Secretary'-(Telugu) Eenadu
20-09-2017 'Metro trial run in October' - (Telugu) Sakshi
20-09-2017 HMR to commence trial runs after Oct 15 Telangana Today
20-09-2017 Metro trial run to Ameerpet, Begumpet after Oct 15 The Hindu
19-09-2017 'Sophisticated Metro stations'- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
18-09-2017 ‘Care of Metro pillar’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
18-09-2017 ‘Metro Pillar No. A 450’- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
18-09-2017 ‘Metro piers to have GPS & unique numbering’- (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
18-09-2017 ‘Metro pillars to give address’- (Telugu) Eenadu
18-09-2017 ‘Metro piers to indicate address’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
18-09-2017 Metro Pillers to be linked to Google maps Indian Express
18-09-2017 Numbering for Metro Rail pillers Planed Telangana Today
18-09-2017 Unique numbering for metro rail pillers The Hindu
17-09-2017 ‘Miyapur newlook’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
17-09-2017 ‘Awards galore before Metro begins’- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
17-09-2017 When Travel becomes seamless The Hindu
16-09-2017 'Automatic parking in Metro stations' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
16-09-2017 'Public transportation system to get integrated with Metro Rail' - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
16-09-2017 HMR focus on integration The Times of India
14-09-2017 'Train behind the Train' - (Telugu) Eenadu
14-09-2017 'Bridge on Bridge' - (Telugu) Eenadu
12-09-2017 'October 15, deadline for two corridors' - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
12-09-2017 'NVS Reddy inspects Metro works' - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
12-09-2017 'Safety Certification by November 15:Metro Rail' - (Telugu) Eenadu
12-09-2017 'Metro construction with quality parameters' - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
12-09-2017 ‘Metro will beautify the historic city' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
12-09-2017 ‘Metro's bounty to the cit'y beauty' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
12-09-2017 ‘Next is the journey' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
12-09-2017 ‘Nagole-Ameerpet works will be complete by October 15' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
12-09-2017 Cut short your travel time, take the Metro Telangana Today
12-09-2017 Huge Oliphant ROB on track:HMRL The Hans India
12-09-2017 'Single Card For Metro Passengers' The Hindu
12-09-2017 'Metro Sets Own Deadline:oct 15' The Times of India
11-09-2017 ‘Metro Train over the Train' - (Telugu) Eanaadu
10-09-2017 ‘Metro on fast track' - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
10-09-2017 ‘Bihar Dy CM travels in Hyderabad Metro Train' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
10-09-2017 'Bicycle stations in Metro stations' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
10-09-2017 ‘In Metro Rail Bhavan...' - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
10-09-2017 ‘MD, HMRL pays tributes to Sri Kaloji' - (Telugu) Eanaadu
10-09-2017 ‘In Metro Rail Bhavan...' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
10-09-2017 ‘MD, HMRL pays tributes to Sri Kaloji' - (Telugu) Sakshi
10-09-2017 ‘Full Metro Service from the Day Of Launch Eanaadu
08-09-2017 ‘The Dream Train is approaching' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
08-09-2017 ‘Modi Sir, please inaugurate Metro Rail' - (Telugu) Eanaadu
08-09-2017 ‘Metro at fast pace' - (Telugu) Eanaadu
08-09-2017 ‘Metro getting ready' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
08-09-2017 ‘Its time to chugg' - (Telugu) Sakshi
08-09-2017 ‘Metro to chugg on Nov 28' Telangana Today
08-09-2017 ‘HMR Gears Up For Big Day' Telangana Today
08-09-2017 ‘KCR invites PM to inaugurate first phase of metro rail' The Hindu
08-09-2017 ‘Hope Rides on Mana Metro after 8yr's The Times of India
03-09-2017 HMRL bags several awards Telangana Today
03-09-2017 Steel marvel drawing attention Telangana Today
03-09-2017 ‘Metro bags six awards' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
03-09-2017 ‘Metro bags six awards for conserving environment' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
03-09-2017 ‘Metro electrification at a fast pace' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
03-09-2017 ‘The largest station, the ultra modern' - (Telugu) Eenadu
03-09-2017 ‘Metro bags six awards for greenery' - (Telugu) Eenadu
30-08-2017 ‘The links are bonded' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
27-08-2017 ‘NVS Reddy inspects Metro corridors' - (Telugu) The Hindu
27-08-2017 Overflow of rainwater from Metro viaducts to be plugged The Hindu
27-08-2017 'NVS Reddy inspects Metro corridors' - (Telugu) Sakshi
25-08-2017 Hyderabad gets ready for a 10,000- cr transformation Business Line
25-08-2017 Hyderabad gets ready for a 10,000- cr transformation Business Line
23-08-2017 ‘Traders JAC submits request on issues ' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
23-08-2017 ‘Request for laying new roads in Metro corridors' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
20-08-2017 HMR places mammoth steel bridge Telangana Today
20-08-2017 ‘​Oliphant steel bridge launched' - (Telugu)​ Namaste Telangana
20-08-2017 ‘Built in just 10 days' - (Telugu) Eenadu
20-08-2017 ‘Built in record time, Metro steel bridge is an engineering wonder' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
20-08-2017 ‘​A wonder unveiled' - (Telugu)​ Mana Telangana
16-08-2017 ‘Jana Gana Mana-Metro celebrates Independence Day' - (Telugu) Sakshi
16-08-2017 ‘Metro becoming a reality' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
16-08-2017 City celebrates I-Day with a gusto Telangana Today
16-08-2017 Hard work ahead to get two metro stretches open. The Hindu
16-08-2017 Metro steel bridge moves closer to target The Hindu
14-08-2017 ‘Ameerpet to be the centre of Metro Corridors' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
14-08-2017 ‘Metro is approaching' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
14-08-2017 ‘Metro to chugg in November' - (Telugu) Sakshi
14-08-2017 30 - KM Metro stretch by Nov Telangana Today
07-08-2017 Begumpet metro rail overbridge completed The Hindu
07-08-2017 ‘ Construction of Metro interchange station' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
04-08-2017 ‘ ‘Metro Rail works at Top Speed' - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
31-07-2017 ‘National Record in ROB construction' - (Telugu) Eenadu
31-07-2017 ‘Malakpet Metro ROB record' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
31-07-2017 Metro builds Malakpet overbridge in 25 days Deccan Chronicle
31-07-2017 Engineering Marvel Telangana Today
31-07-2017 Metro sets new record Telangana Today
31-07-2017 HMRL completes huge chunk of rail-over-bridge in record time The TIMES OF INDIA
30-07-2017 ‘Road Widening on priority' - (Telugu) Sakshi
30-07-2017 ‘Focus on Junction improvements' - (Telugu) Surya
30-07-2017 Officials stress road widening Telangana Today
30-07-2017 ‘Authorities undertake Road widening checks' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
26-07-2017 ‘ Metro..The Crown jewel of Hyderabad ' - (Telugu) Eenadu
25-07-2017 MD, HMRL, NVS Reddy conducted a review meeting with HMRL engineers and contractors to review urban rejuvenation and landscaping works at metro rail stations in corridor-III from Miyapur to SR Nagar The TIMES OF INDIA
25-07-2017 Green buffers at Metro piers Telangana Today
17-07-2017 ‘ Beautification works to complete in four months' - (Telugu) Eenadu
17-07-2017 ‘Urban rejuvenation works to be completed in four months' - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
17-07-2017 ‘Rejuvenation and landscaping works are crucial - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
17-07-2017 Metro plans game zone Telangana Today
17-07-2017 Bicycle stations under Metro staircase The Hindu
17-07-2017 ‘Instructions to rejuvenate Metro corridors within four months' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
14-07-2017 Haritaharam activity at Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited Namaste Telangana
14-07-2017 ‘Linking for Chugging' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
13-07-2017 ‘Coronation of the Twin Cities' - (Telugu) Eenadu
13-07-2017 ‘The Green Carnival' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
13-07-2017 HMR to Plant 5 lakh plants The Hindu
13-07-2017 ‘Plantation by MD, HMRL Mr. NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
13-07-2017 Metro Rail to plant 5 lakh ornamental and avenue saplings' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
10-07-2017 ‘Model showing solar panels and electric vehicles integrating with Metro Rail stations' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
10-07-2017 ‘Facilities in Metro stations' - (Telugu) Eenadu
10-07-2017 ‘Model showing solar panels and electric vehicles integrating with Metro Rail stations' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
10-07-2017 ‘Facilities in Metro stations' - (Telugu) Eenadu
09-07-2017 ‘Path Cleared' - (Telugu) Sakshi
09-07-2017 ‘Metro ROB completed' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
09-07-2017 Metro miracle: Critical Begumpet link in place The TIMES OF INDIA
09-07-2017 ‘Metro ROB over Railway Station' - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
09-07-2017 Tricky ROB finally sees light Telangana Today
09-07-2017 Metro Rail accomplishes mission impossible. The Hans INDIA
05-07-2017 ‘Metro gets 17 more months for completion of work' - (Telugu) Eenadu
05-07-2017 Hyderabad gets 17 months more to complete project Telangana Today
05-07-2017 Metro rail project gets extension till Nov-2018 The TIMES OF INDIA
04-07-2017 ‘CS conducts Special Task Force Meeting' - (Telugu) Eenadu
04-07-2017 ‘Get Metro onto the tracks:Chief Secretary' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
04-07-2017 Chief Secretary SP Singh reviewing the progress of Hyderabad Metro Rail works during STF Meeting The TIMES OF INDIA
02-07-2017 ‘Metro Rail MD term extended by one year' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
02-07-2017 ‘Metro Rail MD term extended by one year' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
02-07-2017 ‘State Government issues orders extending the term of MD, HMRL NVS Reddy'-(Telugu) Nava Telangana
02-07-2017 Metro Rail Corporation MD N.V.S. Reddy's term extended by one more year by telangana government Deccan Chronicle
02-07-2017 N.V.S.Reddy gets one-year extension The Hindu
02-07-2017 Extension for MD Telangana Today
20-06-2017 Inter-dept. panel for safety along Metro corridors The Hindu
20-06-2017 HMRL panel to check mishaps Telangana Today
20-06-2017 ‘Special committee to conduct a study on curbing accidents in Metro corridors' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
20-06-2017 ‘Special committee to conduct a study on curbing accidents in Metro corridors' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
15-06-2017 HMRL is charging up city for electric mobility Deccan Chronicle
15-06-2017 HMRL intensifies monsoon works on different stretches Telangana Today
14-06-2017 HMR to take up drain repair The Hindu
14-06-2017 Complete storm water drain works Metro Rail MD to officials The Hans India
14-06-2017 ‘Metro to get ready in six months' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
14-06-2017 ‘Measures to avoid water logging' - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
14-06-2017 ‘Resolve travel woes in the Metro corridors:NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Sakshi
14-06-2017 ‘Construction of storm water drains to avoid water logging is primary task along the Metro Rail corridors' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
14-06-2017 ‘To ease out storm water flow' - (Telugu) Eenadu
14-06-2017 ‘Hefty penalty to the builder' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
13-06-2017 HMR rebuilds schools demolished for Metro proves Medha wrong. After 5yrs, Medha gets reply Deccan Chronicle
13-06-2017 ‘Golden glitters' - (Telugu) Eenadu
11-06-2017 ‘There is no stoppage in Metro works:NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Sakshi
11-06-2017 N.V.S. Reddy says work relating to Metro Rail up to 82% completed, nod from railway safety authority received Deccan Chronicle
11-06-2017 ‘Take proper action to avoid water logging at Metro stations' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
10-06-2017 ‘We have succeeded in land acquisitions for Metro Rail:NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
10-06-2017 Alternative approaches to land acquisition discussed The Hans India
10-06-2017 ‘82% of Metro Rail works are complete' - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
10-06-2017 ‘We have overcome hurdles' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
06-06-2017 ‘One single charging lasts for a travel upto100 km' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
06-06-2017 ‘Let's transform into a zero pollution city' - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
06-06-2017 ‘All of us should participate in protecting the environment' - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
03-06-2017 Telangana Formation Day celebrations The Times of India
03-06-2017 ‘Formation Day celebrations in Metro Rail bhavan, Begumpet' - (Telugu) Eenadu
03-06-2017 Cultural programmes, runs and flag hoisting dominated the festive mood as the state turned three on Friday. The Hans India
03-06-2017 ‘Jai ho Telangana' - (Telugu) Sakshi
03-06-2017 ‘Metro works gain momentum in the new state' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
21-05-2017 Blood spilled on pillars: Awareness drive soon The Times of India
21-05-2017 ‘Steel bridge to supplement Metro' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
19-05-2017 It's an ironic move for Oliphant bridge Deccan Chronicle
18-05-2017 Beating the traffic blues The Hindu
18-05-2017 ‘Iron bridge' - (Telugu) Eenadu
18-05-2017 ‘Spellbounding Metro structures' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
17-05-2017 ‘Metro tops the usage of technology' - (Telugu) Sakshi
17-05-2017 ‘New discoveries are necessary to enhance living standards-MD, HMRL NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
17-05-2017 ‘Hyderabad Metro Rail project is environment friendly - NVS Reddy' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
17-05-2017 Metro rail will make Hyd green city The Hans India
16-05-2017 ‘Metro Rail will change the living style of the denizens-MD, HMRL NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
16-05-2017 ‘Metro will chugg shortly' - (Telugu) Sakshi
16-05-2017 ‘Metro construction by overcoming many challenges-MD, HMRL NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Eenadu
14-05-2017 Metro Rail to dissuade private transport parking at stations The Hindu
14-05-2017 HMR feeder buses for old city Telangana Today
13-05-2017 Host of facilities under one roof Telangana Today
08-05-2017 Metro Facilities Sakshi
08-05-2017 'Metro to be Eco-Friendly' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
07-05-2017 ‘​Metro Stations to provide Modern Facilities' (Telugu)​ Andhra Jyothi
07-05-2017 3-tier security force for Metro Deccan Chronicle
07-05-2017 Metro Stations to have Raahgiri tracks Deccan Chronicle
07-05-2017 L&T seeks more time for roll-out of Metro The Times of India
07-05-2017 Metro to go eco-friendly Telangana Today
07-05-2017 Parking at 32 locations Sakshi
07-05-2017 In three corridors L&TMRHL wants deadline for Metro Rail works to be extended New-Indian-Express
07-05-2017 Metro Will be ready by July Namasthe Telangana
07-05-2017 Metro to change the shape of the city Hindi Milap
07-05-2017 Metro to have E-Car chargers Deccan Chronicle
07-05-2017 Metro - Crown Jewel of Hyderabad Namste Telangana
06-05-2017 ‘​Metro stations to have some more facilities' (Telugu)​ Andhra Jyothi
04-05-2017 ‘​Not a hindrance but a protection during hazards' (Telugu)​ Eenadu (2)
04-05-2017 ‘MD, HMRL NVS Reddy​ presenting bouquet to H.E. the Governor of TN and AP Mr. ESL Narasimhan' (Telugu)​ Eenadu (1)
04-05-2017 ‘​Parking space at 32 Metro stations finalised' (Telugu)​ Sakshi
04-05-2017 ‘​Better parking facilities in Metro stations' (Telugu)​ Namaste Telangana
03-05-2017 'MD, HMRL NVS Reddy's interaction with prestigious magazine' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
02-05-2017 'The beauty of Metro at the onset of the day' (Telugu) Eenadu
30-04-2017 HMRL to create permanent space for Raahgiri Indian Express
30-04-2017 Encroachments to be cleared Telangana Today
30-04-2017 'Metro construction at International standards:NVS Reddy' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
30-04-2017 ‘Inspection of Metro works' (Telugu) Nava Telangana
30-04-2017 ‘Epitome of Beauty' (Telugu) Sakshi
30-04-2017 ‘Metro on a Metro' (Telugu) Eenadu
14-04-2017 ‘Checking water wastage..Curbing shortage' (Telugu) Eenadu
08-04-2017 ‘We need Metro services' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
08-04-2017 ‘Measures to avoid cracks on walls' (Telugu) Eenadu
07-04-2017 ‘Metro will reduce travel woes' (Telugu) Eenadu
02-04-2017 Metro Rail work to pick up case in Ameerpet and Nampally The Hindu
02-04-2017 SC breather for HMR in land case Telangana Today
02-04-2017 ‘Hurdles cleared for the completion of Metro corridor' (Telugu) Eenadu
01-04-2017 ‘Acquire Land and resume Metro Works' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
15-03-2017 HMR's first parking Complex at Nampally Telangana Today
15-03-2017 ‘Beautification of Footpaths along Metro Corridors’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
14-03-2017 ‘Rs. 200 crore budget for Metro Rail project’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
14-03-2017 ‘Metro Rail is on fast track’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
13-03-2017 Central Unified Metro Rail Bill draft ready The Hindu
07-03-2017 ‘Metro Aesthetics...HMR will change the outlook of the city’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
05-03-2017 Metro: L&T gets more time Telangana Today
05-03-2017 Metro deadline to be extended to July 2018 The Hindu
05-03-2017 ‘The steel over bridge will become a landmark’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
05-03-2017 ‘Metro will be completed by next year’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
05-03-2017 ‘Metro to chugg in June’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
05-03-2017 ‘Metro services to start this year only’ - (Telugu) Eenadu (2)
05-03-2017 ‘Metro ROB is getting ready’ - (Telugu) Eenadu (2)
05-03-2017 ‘Metro will chugg this year only’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana (1)
05-03-2017 ‘Metro services to commence in a year’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana (2)
05-03-2017 ‘Metro will chugg this year only’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
05-03-2017 ‘Metro to chugg on June 02nd’ - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
27-02-2017 Metro trials on fast track Telangana Today
26-02-2017 Snaking its way The Hindu
23-02-2017 Metro Rail office shifts to Begumpet Telangana Today
23-02-2017 ‘HMRL office inaugurated in Begumpet’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
23-02-2017 ‘Metro Rail office moves to corporate building in Begumpet’ - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
23-02-2017 ‘Metro office moves to Begumpet’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
23-02-2017 ‘Metro Corporate Office inaugurated’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
23-02-2017 ‘Metro office moves to new building in Begumpet’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
23-02-2017 ‘MD, HMRL Mr NVS Reddy addressing staff at the inauguration of Metro Corporate office in Begumpet’ - (Urdu) The Siasat
22-02-2017 ‘Metro, ornament of the city ' (Telugu) Eenadu
18-02-2017 ‘Youth should not become blind followers:NVS ’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
18-02-2017 ‘Make impossible possible:NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana (1)
18-02-2017 ‘Metro services at the committed time’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana (2)
18-02-2017 ‘Metro to chugg in June:NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
18-02-2017 ‘Passion to reach targets makes impossible possible:NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
18-02-2017 Students exhorted to set high goals The Hans India
18-02-2017 The experience of Hyderabad Metro The Times of India
18-02-2017 2 Metro corridors this year : HMR MD Deccan Chronicle
09-02-2017 ‘A Beautiful Path’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
09-02-2017 ‘Before & After’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
02-02-2017 ‘States will benefit with new policies:NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
02-02-2017 Unified Metro Rail Act takes cue from Hyd PPP model to dodge legal hurdles The Times of India
01-02-2017 'KTR releases Urban Bytes book' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
01-02-2017 Samantha face of TS handlooms The Hans India
01-02-2017 ‘Samantha named as brand ambassador for handlooms’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
01-02-2017 ‘Samantha named as brand ambassador for handlooms’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
19-01-2017 Notice Board - Corporate associate diary The Financial Express
16-01-2017 ‘Officials inspect Metro Rail construction works’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
16-01-2017 ‘Metro to chugg in June’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
16-01-2017 ‘Metro to chugg on June 02nd’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
16-01-2017 ‘All facilities for Metro commuters’ - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
16-01-2017 ‘Can Metro services be extended till Begumpet’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
16-01-2017 Metro Rail- Two stretches to be finished by mid-2017 Indian Express
16-01-2017 Nagole-Begumpet metro to start soon Telangana Today
16-01-2017 Officials inspect Metro Rail works from Nagole to Begumpet The Hindu
13-01-2017 ‘Invocation for Development of Greater Hyderabad’ - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
13-01-2017 Work in perfect tandem: KTR to MAUD officials The Hans India
12-01-2017 ‘Metro's milestone’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
11-01-2017 ‘Instructions to speed up acquisitions for Metro’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
11-01-2017 ‘Complete Metro works on a faster pace:CS’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
11-01-2017 ‘CS reviews progress of Metro works’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
11-01-2017 CS urges HMR to complete works by year-end The Hans India
11-01-2017 Sultan Bazaar road widening soon for Metro Rail The Hindu
10-01-2017 ‘Metro Rail chugging in trial runs on Miyapur-LB Nagar stretch’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
07-01-2017 Realty sector set to stage a comeback Telangana Today
05-01-2017 ‘Metro miracle in Chilkalguda junction’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
05-01-2017 ‘Metro special attraction at Chilkalguda junction’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
03-01-2017 ‘MD, HMRL Mr. NVS Reddy addressing engineers and staff during New Year celebrations on Monday (02.01.2017)’ - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
02-01-2017 'SP Singh is the new Chief Secretary’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
02-01-2017 S.P. Singh is new Chief Secretary The Hindu
02-01-2017 Corridors of power - A no non-sense officer The Hindu
31-12-2016 75 percent of Metro works have been completed:MD, HMRL Mr. NVS Reddy Sakshi
32-12-2016 Snaking its way through Telangana Today
28-12-2016 An eventful year for Metro Rail Telangana Today
28-12-2016 Major breakthroughs this year aside, more challenges ahead for HMR The Hindu
28-12-2016 ‘Metro expenditure in this year is Rs. 2,902 crores’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
21-12-2016 ‘CM is observing’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
21-12-2016 ‘Complete Land Acquisitions’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
21-12-2016 ‘Directions to Complete Land Acquisition faster’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
21-12-2016 Metro rail project gathers steam Telangana Today
21-12-2016 Hyderabad Metro Rail picks up steam The Hans India
21-12-2016 Metro deadline: Land acquisition to pick up pace The Times of India
20-12-2016 ‘All the Metro Trains have arrived’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
14-12-2016 ‘Uber Bike sharing services in launched in Hyderabad’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
14-12-2016 ‘UberMOTO in Hyderabad’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
14-12-2016 ‘Telangana is growing into a progressive State’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
14-12-2016 ‘Uber launches UberMOTO services’ - (Urdu) The Rehnuma-e-Deccan
14-12-2016 Metro, Uber tie up to help commuters Deccan Chronicle
14-12-2016 Now, book a bike for swift, cheap ride The Times of India
12-12-2016 Metro gathers pace, may roll out by March The Times of India
05-12-2016 ‘6 RoBs in 3 corridors' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyoti
02-12-2016 ‘Continental Hospitals Mobile App and e-Library launched' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyoti
02-12-2016 ‘Let us protect our environment from pollution : MD, HMR Mr. NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
02-12-2016 ‘Pollution check system similar to the Tokyo Model’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
02-12-2016 'Metro will Zoom' - (Telugu) Sakshi
02-12-2016 'Enjoy Cycling...Live Healthy' - (Telugu) Sakshi
01-12-2016 ‘Step up the pace of works' - (Telugu) Eenadu
01-12-2016 ‘Avoid delays and complete works' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
01-12-2016 ‘Complete Metro Rail works as soon as possible : KCR’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
01-12-2016 Speed up Metro rail works, KCR directs officials The Hans India
01-12-2016 Full support to Metro Rail for early completion: CM The Hindu
28-11-2016 ‘Metro overcomes RoB related hurdles' - (Telugu) Eenadu
28-11-2016 ‘Ultramodern...Multifaceted' - (Telugu) Sakshi
22-11-2016 ‘Skywalk from Metro station-For a safe tread’ - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
22-11-2016 Tough job this The Hindu
19-11-2016 ‘Joint inspection of Begumpet Metro station’ - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
19-11-2016 ‘Specially committee to give suggestions on Begumpet Metro station’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
19-11-2016 Begumpet metro station to have special design The Hindu
15-11-2016 ‘Nagole-Mettuguda Metro stretch to commence in June-July 2017’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
15-11-2016 ‘Railways agree for construction of 6 RoBs in Nagole-Begumpet stretch’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
15-11-2016 ‘Obstacles cleared for Metro progress’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
15-11-2016 ‘Metro succeeds in acquiring Padmahamsa apartments’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
15-11-2016 'Padmahamsa' comes crumbling down for Metro Rail The Hindu
15-11-2016 Hurdles cleared for Metro Rail in Secunderabad. Times of India
12-11-2016 ‘Rs. 15 crore for road restoration works’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
12-11-2016 ‘70% of roads restored : MD, HMRL Mr. NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
12-11-2016 ‘HMR restoring roads at fast pact’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
12-11-2016 Roads get better in Metro Rail corridor Deccan Chronicle
12-11-2016 HMRL road works near complete The Hans India
09-11-2016 ‘Metro commercial operation to commence either from Ugadi or 6th June, 2017’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
09-11-2016 ‘Metro operation from forthcoming Ugadi’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
09-11-2016 ‘Metro horn will be heard from Ugadi festival’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
09-11-2016 UN pat for Hyderabad Cycling Project The Hans India
09-11-2016 HBC seeks dedicated cycling tracks The Hindu
09-11-2016 2 Metro corridors to be functional by March Indian Express
20-10-2016 ‘An experimental way-Roads to withstand flood fury’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
19-10-2016 ‘Paving block..clearing traffic chokes’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
19-10-2016 ‘No compromise in quality’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
19-10-2016 ‘Inspection of paver block works’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
19-10-2016 ‘Road repairs along Metro corridors to be completed at brisk pace’ - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
19-10-2016 ‘Roads will be restored in a fortnight’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
19-10-2016 'KTR's suggestion for road restoration' (Hindi) Hindi Milap
19-10-2016 HMR offers 'western' solution for bad roads
HMR using 'pave block' solution for damaged roads
The Hans India
19-10-2016 HMR using paver blocks for sturdy roads The Hindu
14-10-2016 'Road restoration works at a cost of Rs. 20 crore along Metro corridors ' - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
14-10-2016 ‘Paver blocks to absorb rain water’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
14-10-2016 ‘Road repairs in European way’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
14-10-2016 ‘Road restoration works along Metro corridors commenced’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
14-10-2016 'HMRL to spend Rs. 20 crore towards road repairs' Hindi Milap
14-10-2016 Metro Rail to spend 20cr on road repairs Deccan Chronicle
06-10-2016 ‘Daruvula Bandi-Peoples ballads in simplified language'- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
06-10-2016 ‘Daruvula Bandi-Peoples ballads book release’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
01-10-2016 CAI expo opens in Hyderabad Business line
01-10-2016 The Hindu Business Line CAI 2016 gets under way The Hindu
20-09-2016 ‘Parking in 52 stations’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
20-09-2016 One Nation One Platform Business Standard
14-09-2016 ‘Each Metro pillar constructed in a record time of 5 days’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
11-09-2016 'Hyd Metro Rail gets Skoch Platinum Award’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
11-09-2016 Hyd Metro Rail gets Skoch award Metro India
28-08-2016 City expansion to decongest, stay competitive Times of India
27-08-2016 Metro commuters will need to walk Deccan Chronicle
17-08-2016 Mayor promises master plan for development The Hans India
16-08-2016 ‘ Fluttering of the Tri Colour ' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
16-08-2016 ‘ The Tri Colour enchants City ’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
16-08-2016 ‘ CREDAI Hyderabad property show culminates ’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
16-08-2016 ‘ All regions will be developed : Mayor ’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
16-08-2016 Systematic, structured urbanisation vital Metro India
16-08-2016 Metro Rail The Hindu
14-08-2016 HMRL to collaborate with Delhi Metro Indian Express
13-08-2016 ‘ Progress in Metro Phase II ’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
13-08-2016 ‘ Progress in Metro Phase II ' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
13-08-2016 ‘ Study on Metro Phase II ’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
13-08-2016 HMRL MD NVS Reddy meets delhi metro MD to discuss metro link to RGIA The Times of India
13-08-2016 DMRC, HMR to team up for second phase of Metro The Hindu
8-08-2016 ‘ Chak de India ride 2 excellent ’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
8-08-2016 ‘ Shall we gear up for cycling ' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
8-08-2016 ‘ Chak de India ride 2 ’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
8-08-2016 ‘ Chak de India ride 2 flagged off ’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
8-08-2016 Make cycling a happy experience Metro India
8-08-2016 HMR to set up 300 bike stations in city soon The Hans India
8-08-2016 Chak de India 2 Ride - Emphasis laid on pollution-free transport The Hans India
5-08-2016 ‘300 Bike stations as part of environment protection plan’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
5-08-2016 ‘300 Bike stations along Metro corridors’ - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
5-08-2016 ‘Model bike station ready by September’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
5-08-2016 ‘Electronic bicycles in Metro stations' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
5-08-2016 ‘Hail the Bicycle rider’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
5-08-2016 ‘Public consensus on bike sharing’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
5-08-2016 Towards a pollution-free city Hans India
5-08-2016 300 bike stations to be set up for Metro Rail Indian Express
5-08-2016 German-made high-end bicycles, e-bikes for Metro passengers The Hindu
4-08-2016 ‘The photo does not pertain to Hyderabad Metro Project : KTR’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
4-08-2016 Metro Rail told to clear debris Deccan Chronicle
3-08-2016 ‘Metro construction works at fast pace’ - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
3-08-2016 ‘Corporate support necessary for public transportation’ - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
3-08-2016 ‘Difficult weave at 29 locations’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
3-08-2016 ‘City will be beautiful only with an efficient public transportation’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
3-08-2016 ‘Accelerate Metro works:Chief Secretary' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
3-08-2016 ‘Metro to give a new facelift to Hyderabad' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
3-08-2016 ‘Metro works take faster strides’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
3-08-2016 ‘Projects should satisfy needs of citizens’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
3-08-2016 Metro Rail will transform Hyderbad: HMR cheif The Hans India
3-08-2016 Citizen-centric cities need of the hour Metro India
3-08-2016 Post office holds up metro rail work The Hindu
3-08-2016 Corporate Buzz - Authorities review progress The Times of India
2-08-2016 ‘Transport plays an important role in city's development: NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
1-08-2016 ‘There is no sanctity in social media report: NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
31-07-2016 HMR trashes reports of cracks on Metro pillars The Times of India
31-07-2016 ‘Incorrect propaganda on Metro Rail is not correct’ - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
31-07-2016 ‘Metro is built with safe and secure technology' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
31-07-2016 No cracks in viaduct pier: Metro Rail MD Metro India
31-07-2016 HMR trashes reports of cracks on Metro pillars Times Of India
30-07-2016 ‘Construction of four police barracks at a cost of Rs. 25.50 crores’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
30-07-2016 ‘Police barracks ready' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
30-07-2016 ‘Tight security for Metro’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
30-07-2016 ‘Modern and sophisticated barracks for Police force’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
30-07-2016 ‘NVS Reddy and Mahender Reddy inspected progress of works of Police barracks’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
30-07-2016 HMRL building four police barracks Metro India
30-07-2016 HMR to hand over new police barracks at Goshamahal soon The Hindu
25-07-2016 'Success comes only with hardwork' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
25-07-2016 'Leadership qualities should be nurtured from childhood itself' - (Telugu) Eenadu
24-07-2016 'Globalisation is throwing new challenges to mankind' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
24-07-2016 ‘ACIDS' to prevent terrorist attacks - (Telugu) Eenadu
24-07-2016 'Hyderabad as a safe zone' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
24-07-2016 TS building state-of-art security to make Hyd safe city Metro India
24-07-2016 Hyderbad Metro has future-ready security features The Hindu
19-07-2016 ‘Footpaths to get a new look' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
16-07-2016 ‘Delegates from abroad meet MD, HMRL Mr. NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
16-07-2016 ‘Team motivation key for Target achievement' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
16-07-2016 ‘Foreign delegates visit Hyderabad Metro Rail' - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
16-07-2016 ‘Foreign team admires Hyderabad Metro Rail’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
16-07-2016 Foreign team visits Metro Rail Metro India
16-07-2016 Metro Rail project overcame many hurdles, says N.V.S. Reddy The Hindu
12-07-2016 ‘Minister for MA&UD, IT and Industries, Mr. KT Rama Rao and MD, HMRL Mr. NVS Reddy along with school children in plantation programme on July 11, 2016' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
12-07-2016 ‘The power of determination..The pledge for Plantation’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
12-07-2016 ‘The Green Garland' - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
12-07-2016 HMDA initiative to plants fragrant, medicinal saplings The Hindu
11-07-2016 ‘Metro's plantation target is 1.20 lakhs: NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
11-07-2016 ‘Metro targets to plant 1.15 lakhs saplings ' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
11-07-2016 ‘MD, HMRL inspecting plantation locations’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
11-07-2016 HMRL on green drive The Hans India
9-07-2016 ‘Hyderabad Metro Rail partnering in Haritha Haaram' - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
9-07-2016 ‘Plant trees to reduce global warming’ - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
9-07-2016 ‘Metro planting 1.15 lakh saplings on 11th July ' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
9-07-2016 ‘Hyderabad Metro Rail planting 1.15 lakh saplings in Haritha Haaram’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
9-07-2016 Metro Rail to plant 1.5 lakh saplings The Hindu
1-07-2016 ‘Metro MD NVS Reddy office term extended by one year’ - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
1-07-2016 ‘Metro MD term extended ' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
1-07-2016 ‘Metro MD NVS Reddy office term extended by one year’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
1-07-2016 ‘Metro MD NVS Reddy office term extended by one year’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
1-07-2016 ‘Metro MD NVS Reddy office term extended by one year’ - (Urdu) The Rahnuma e Deccan
1-07-2016 Metro Rail MD NVS Reddy's term extended Citizen's Evening
1-07-2016 HMR official gets extension Deccan Chronicle
1-07-2016 Metro Rail MD NVS Reddy's term extended The Hindu
29-06-2016 A view of the Metro Rail stretch between Panjagutta and Khairatabad which is nearing completion The Times of India
27-06-2016 ‘Minnacle effort on a Metal beam’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
26-06-2016 ‘Metro works accelerate in Sultan Bazaar’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
25-06-2016 ‘ Metro envisages a Green corridor’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
13-06-2016 ‘Building projects in the city gives great pleasure' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
11-06-2016 'Fit...Comfort' (Telugu) Sakshi
06-06-2016 ‘Obstacles hindering Metro Rail Oliphenta RoB works cleared’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
06-06-2016 ‘Bridge over Oliphenta RoB’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
06-06-2016 ‘Railways give land on temporary lease for construction of steel bridge' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
06-06-2016 HMR embark on toughest stretch Deccan Chronicle
06-06-2016 Decks cleared for 'toughest' Metro Oliphanta RoB Metro India
06-06-2016 Assembling of steel bridge over Oliphant railway bridge soon The Hindu
04-06-2016 ‘The Governor of California receiving 'Hyderabad: Growing Global book' from Minister, Industry, IT and MA&UD Mr. KT RamaRao' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
04-06-2016 ‘AMD to partner with VLSI programme’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
04-06-2016 ‘AMD to partner with VLSI programme’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
04-06-2016 AMD keen to invest in cine graphics Metro India
03-06-2016 ‘Celebrations touch the summit’ - (Telugu) Vaartha
03-06-2016 ‘60'x10' hoarding erected at Begumpet by HMRL as a part of Telangana State Formation Day celebrations’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
03-06-2016 ‘Hyderabad, the Global City on HMRL hoardings’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
03-06-2016 ‘MD, HMRL Mr. NVS Reddy unfurling National flag in Metro Rail bhavan on the eve of Telangana State Formation Day' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
03-06-2016 Strengthen the hands of CM Metro Rail MD Metro India
03-06-2016 Hyderbad Metro Rail sends green message The Hindu
31-05-2016 ‘Seshendra is my choicest writer: NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
31-05-2016 ‘I shall strive to increase pension to the differently abled people to Rs. 2000:Dy. CM’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
31-05-2016 ‘Started writing poetry from college days: NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
31-05-2016 ‘Strive to provide employment to all differently abled persons - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
31-05-2016 ‘ I will work for the welfare of differently abled people:Dy. CM’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
30-05-2016 ‘A Global Recognition’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
30-05-2016 ‘Brand Hyderabad in United States’ - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
30-05-2016 ‘A recognition to Hyderabad Growing Global Book’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
30-05-2016 ‘Hyderabad Growing Global - Journey towards Global City’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
30-05-2016 ‘Discussions on the book Hyderabad Growing Global in United States ’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
30-05-2016 While touring US, KTR lures firms with book on Brand Hyderbad Indian Express
30-05-2016 KTR distributing book on Brand Hyderbad The Hindu
28-05-2016 ‘Chief Secretary Rajiv Sharma gets extension’ - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
28-05-2016 Rajiv Sharma gets extension The Hans India
27-05-2016 ‘Metro works surging at top speed’ - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
26-05-2016 ‘Speed up Metro works: NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
26-05-2016 ‘Metro works till Hitec City should be completed: NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
26-05-2016 ‘Speed up Metro works: NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
26-05-2016 ‘Nagole-Hitec City Metro Rail service in 2017’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
26-05-2016 ‘Encroachments near Begumpet flyover to go off’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
26-05-2016 Hyd Metro corridor three may be ready by early 2017 Business Line
26-05-2016 Complete Corridor-III works quickly: NVS Reddy Metro India
26-05-2016 Complete corridor-III by 2017: HMRL MD The Hans India
26-05-2016 Metro viaduct work over Begumpet flyover to begin soon The Hindu
26-05-2016 Metro rail officials told to speed up Corridor-3 work The Times of Inida
23-05-2016 EOI for Multi Level Parking with commercial space (MLP) and Skywalks The Economic Times
20-05-2016 'A Lakh we plant today, May they blossom Day after Day’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
17-05-2016 Surya Prakasam new ICAI chief Metro India
17-05-2016 ‘Hurdles cleared for SRDP’ - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
15-05-2016 ‘Bangkok style triangular skywalks’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
15-05-2016 ‘JBS-Parade grounds triangle to be developed as transportation-cum-activities hub’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
15-05-2016 ‘JBS-Parade grounds triangle to be developed as transportation-cum-activities hub’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
15-05-2016 ‘JBS-Parade grounds triangle to be developed as transportation-cum-activities hub’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
15-05-2016 ‘JBS-Parade grounds triangle to be developed as transportation-cum-activities hub’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
15-05-2016 ‘Metro corridor II works at a faster pace’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
15-05-2016 Metro rail works to be expedited ; skywalks at JBS, Sec-bad Rly Stn Indian Express
15-05-2016 Metro JBS stn to be 'Eastern Gateway' Metro India
15-05-2016 Metro work at JBS to be speeded up The Hindu
15-05-2016 Two skywalks planned at Metro stations in Sec'bad The Times of India
14-05-2016 Bypass road to decongest Begumpet traffic The Times of India
14-05-2016 Efforts to ease traffic snarl Metro India
13-05-2016 Chokepoint gets bypass 'surgery' Deccan Chronicle
13-05-2016 No right turn at Rasoolpura Junction during peak hours The Hindu
13-05-2016 ‘Hyderabad Metro Rail construction is Crown Jewel of India’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
13-05-2016 ‘A solution for Begumpet traffic chaos’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
13-05-2016 ‘Metro Rail construction will enhance Country's reputation’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
13-05-2016 ‘Hyderabad Metro Rail construction is Crown Jewel of India’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
13-05-2016 ‘Bypass road from Begumpet to Rasoolpura’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
13-05-2016 ‘Minister KTRs solution for Begumpet traffic chaos’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
13-05-2016 ‘Metro Rail corporate office in Rasoolpura’ - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
13-05-2016 ‘Senior officials inspect Begumpet’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
13-05-2016 ‘Metro skywalks will give experience of a new world’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
13-05-2016 ‘Senior Officials inspect traffic challenges along Begumpet-Rasoolpura stretch’ - (Hindi) Swatantra Vaartha
08-05-2016 ‘Delhi PWD pats Hyderabad Metro’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
08-05-2016 Delhi PWD team visits Metro Rail facilities The Hindu
08-05-2016 ‘Commitment is important’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
08-05-2016 ‘Pre cast construction is superior’ - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
08-05-2016 ‘Let's work with proper coordination’ - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
08-05-2016 ‘Passion and commitment are the key in the construction of mega PPP projects’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
04-05-2016 Sultan Bazaar PS parking area handed over to Metro The Times of India
04-05-2016 Nod for viaduct over Malakpet rail station The Hindu
04-05-2016 ‘Ensure smooth flow of traffic during RoB construction’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
04-05-2016 ‘Entry/Exit points at Khairatabad Metro Station revamped’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
04-05-2016 Metro Rail Works Near Assembly to Be Expedited Indian Express
04-05-2016 ‘No compromise on security measures during RoB construction’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
04-05-2016 ‘Malakpet RoB works take off’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
26-04-2016 Safety top priority for Metro Rail project The Hindu
26-04-2016 HMR chief inspects Corridor-III works The Hans India
26-04-2016 ‘Integration of skywalks with bus stations’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
26-04-2016 NVS Reddy inspects safety issues on Metro Corridor Metro India
26-04-2016 ‘Metro Stations to integrate with railway and bus stations’ - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
26-04-2016 ‘MD, HMRL inspects Metro rail corridor III’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
26-04-2016 ‘Steel bridge from Noida to Hyderabad’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
21-04-2016 'Plant 25 lakh sapplings in a day : KTR' (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
15-04-2016 Focus on safety aspects, KTR tells Metro officials The Hindu
15-04-2016 ‘Take extra care at Metro work sites : KTR’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
15-04-2016 ‘Mishaps should not happen : KTR’ - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
15-04-2016 KTR's stress on safety in Metro Rail works Metro India
15-04-2016 ‘No compromise on safety standards at Metro work sites : KTR’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
15-04-2016 ‘Increase Safety at work sites : KTR’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
09-04-2016 'Limited Luggage in Metro' (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
09-04-2016 'Metro will change the lifestyle of the city' (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
08-04-2016 'Metro - A dream come true' (Telugu) Eenadu
05-04-2016 'GHMC, HMRL to resolve Mindspace Junction overlap' (Telugu) Eenadu, Namaste Telangana, Sakshi
05-04-2016 Metro rail: Experts examine proposals for underpass at Mind Space The Hindu
05-04-2016 Road works pose challenge to Metro Rail The Hans India
04-04-2016 'Major hurdle for Metro Rail cleared' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
03-04-2016 'Major hurdle for Metro Rail cleared' (Telugu) Sakshi
28-03-2016 Metro Chugs On The Times of India
26-03-2016 Metro Rail works on fast track The Hindu
14-03-2016 Metro Rail surging ahead in full steam, says KTR The Hindu
14-03-2016 ‘Metro Rail Construction works in full throttle : Mr. KT Rama Rao’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
12-03-2016 ‘Hyderabad Metro Rail is the world's largest PPP Metro Rail project’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
12-03-2016 ‘Egyptian delegation visits Hyderabad Metro Rail’ - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
12-03-2016 Metro Rail impresses Egyptian ministerial team Metro India
12-03-2016 Egyptian Team Apprised of HMR's Innovative Initiatives Indian Express
12-03-2016 ‘Egyptian delegation visits Hyderabad Metro Rail’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
12-03-2016 ‘Metro to integrate with Battery operated buses’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
12-03-2016 ‘Metro is the First Urban Mega Project’ - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
07-03-2016 Metro Rail takes up the 'green' cause The Hindu
06-03-2016 ‘Hyderabad Metro Rail is top of the world’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
06-03-2016 ‘NITI Aayog lauds Hyderabad Metro Rail’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
06-03-2016 Govt to Synchronise Metro with Rly Stations, Bus Depots Indian-Express
06-03-2016 ‘Adviser from NITI Aayog visits Hyderabad Metro Rail’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
06-03-2016 ‘Encouraging outcome from coordination committee meetings ’ - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
04-03-2016 ‘Representatives from NITI Aayog visit and interact with MD, HMR’ - (Hindi) Swatantra Vartha
04-03-2016 Metro Rail seeks help of private land owners The Hindu
04-03-2016 ‘Metro accelerates works ’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
04-03-2016 ‘Metro to focus on acquiring problematic properties ’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
04-03-2016 ‘Hurdles cleared on Ameerpet-Madhapur Metro stretch ’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
04-03-2016 HMR to Hold Talks with Affected Property Owners Indian Express
04-03-2016 ‘Metro convinces large installations for road widening and construction works’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
04-03-2016 ‘Metro Rail MD inspects ongoing works ’ - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
03-03-2016 ‘End to End travel by Metro’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
01-03-2016 CM to inaugurate Ghatkesar ORR stretch Metro India
27-02-2016 ‘Ultra modern market in Sultan Bazaar’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
26-02-2016 Yadadri-MMTS link comes as a shot in the arm for TS The Hindu
26-02-2016 HMR's Jet-speed Spade Work Clinched Yadadri Nod Indian Express
26-02-2016 ‘Boon and Bane' - (Telugu) Eenadu
26-02-2016 Record for Yadadri MMTS Deccan Chronicle
25-02-2016 Transport The New Indian Express
21-02-2016 TS plans big on developing city The Hindu
20-02-2016 HMR breaks the ground at Sultan Bazaar The Hindu
11-02-2016 ‘Punjagutta to Banjara Hills’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
11-02-2016 ‘No extension of time for regularization : Minister for MA&UD, Mr. KT Rama Rao’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
11-02-2016 ‘Progress possible only with peoples participation’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
11-02-2016 KTR's 100-Day Action Plan for GHMC Indian Express
01-02-2016 Design changes in Metro Rail stations The Hindu
01-02-2016 Metro takes an Alpha turn, people evacuated Deccan Chronicle
29-01-2016 ‘ A combi of Old & New - Perfectly Done' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
27-01-2016 ‘The flutter of Tri colours ’ - (Telugu) Sakshi, Andhra Jyothy
27-01-2016 ‘Nationally and Internationally Metro will become apt example for Innovation & Development: NVS Reddy’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
27-01-2016 Unfulring the Tricolour The Hans India
25-01-2016 ‘Cyclathon 2016 sets off with great enthusiasm in Gachibowli’ - (Telugu) Vaartha
25-01-2016 Metro stations to have bicycle enclosures The Hans India
25-01-2016 ‘We will make Hyderabad a Carbon-Free City: NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
23-01-2016 Celebrating Hyderabad with a table calendar The Hans India
21-01-2016 Iconic Rail Calender The Times of India
21-01-2016 Showcasing milestones of two rail systems The Hindu
18-01-2016 A tale of two railways - Nizams then, Metro now Business-Line
17-01-2016 Breakthrough The Hindu
17-01-2016 ‘Get set to ride on Metro’ - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
15-01-2016 ‘A Tale of Two Railways - Metro Table Calendar 2016 ’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
13-01-2016 Multi level parking at metro stations? The Hindu
13-01-2016 Prime Minister praises Metro Rail Metro India
13-01-2016 ‘Metro works should speed up : CS, GoTS ’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
08-01-2016 Work on major metro rail lines on fast track The Hindu
07-01-2016 ‘Survey of land for Uppal-Yadadri Metro’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
07-01-2016 ‘Metro Rail to Yadadri Likely’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
07-01-2016 Metro till Yadadri likely Deccan Chronicle
07-01-2016 ‘Hyderabad Metro Rail will mesmerize the entire world ’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
03-01-2016 ‘Traders' JAC, Sultan Bazaar representatives meets Chief Minister’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
02-01-2016 ‘High in the Sky’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
01-01-2016 Metro crosses several hurdles The Hindu
31-12-2015 Modi pats TS, HMR The Hindu
31-12-2015 ‘Metro Works at brisk pace near Assemble’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
31-12-2015 ‘Complete Hyderabad Metro works within deadlines : Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
19-12-2015 Traders relent, give thumbs to Metro Rail The Hindu
19-12-2015 Mettuguda to Nagole Metro ready to roll out Deccan Chronicle
19-12-2015 'Hyderabad Metro is the best' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi, Mana Telangana, Namaste Telangana
16-12-2015 ‘Metro works are in progress' - (Telugu) Vaartha
16-12-2015 ‘Speed up Metro works in critical stretches : CS, GoTS Dr. Rajiv Sharma ’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
16-12-2015 ‘50 km stretch of Metro pillar works completed’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
15-12-2015 Metro Rail works going on smoothly: N.V.S. Reddy The-Hindu
15-12-2015 ‘Metro will be commuter friendly : NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
15-12-2015 ‘Structural Engineers should come out with innovative solutions : NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
15-12-2015 ‘Safer solutions should be designed to resolve challenges mankind is facing’ - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
15-12-2015 ‘Structural Engineers should come out with innovative solutions : NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
14-12-2015 HMR engineers find smart ways to get work done quicker The Hindu
07-12-2015 ‘Hurdles cleared for Koti - Putlibowli Metro Line’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
07-12-2015 Sultan Bazaar traders fall in track The Hindu
05-12-2015 ‘Those who Innovate will reach the Apex : NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
05-12-2015 ‘Metro to start soon : NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Namaste-Telangana
05-12-2015 Innovation Key to tackle challenges Metro India
05-12-2015 ‘Students should face challenges’ - (Telugu) Hindi Milap
05-12-2015 ‘Those who Innovate will reach the Apex : NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
01-12-2015 Traders divided on Metro realignment U-turn The Times of India
29-11-2015 ‘We extend our cooperation to Metro' - (Telugu) Eenadu
29-11-2015 ‘We agree to the original alignment’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
29-11-2015 ‘Construction of Corridor-2 should not affect us’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
29-11-2015 ‘Metro should be agreeable to the traders’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
23-11-2015 70 Metro Rail Pillars to Be Build on Road Medians Indian Express
23-11-2015 Metro line at Raidurg to factory in proposed underpass, flyover The Hindu
22-11-2015 Metro pillara won't reduce road carriageway Metro India
22-11-2015 METRO RAIL Location cleared at Hi-tec City The Hans India
22-11-2015 ‘Lengthy Metro Corridor..Nagole-Raidurg' - (Telugu) Eenadu
22-11-2015 ‘Metro works inspected in Hitec City’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
22-11-2015 ‘Metro works inspected in Hitec City’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
17-11-2015 Week-long Course in Metro Rail Tech Opens Indian Express
17-11-2015 Metro Tech Training for skilling Metro India
17-11-2015 Metro technology course gets underway The Hans India
17-11-2015 Modern dhobi ghat at Imliban The Hans India
17-11-2015 New dhobighat at Imliban The Hindu
17-11-2015 ‘Modernised Dhobighat inuagurated' - (Telugu) Sakshi
17-11-2015 ‘Keeping abreast with modern technology is the key' - (Telugu) Sakshi
17-11-2015 ‘Modernised Dhobighat inuagurated' - (Telugu) Eenadu
17-11-2015 ‘Ultra Modern Technology in Hyderabad Metro Rail Project' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
13-11-2015 Metro works at fast pace Namaste Telangana
09-11-2015 First set of SPVs for 20 smart cities will be ready by mid-Dec Business Line
07-11-2015 'Inter Departmental Co-ordination is important' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
07-11-2015 'Inter Departmental Co-ordination is important' - (Telugu) Eenadu
07-11-2015 'Challenges can be dealt working as a team' - (Telugu) Sakshi
07-11-2015 Will Hyderabad Metro rail be the Pride of Old City? The Siasat
05-11-2015 HMR progress reviewed The Times of India
04-11-2015 Hyderabad Metro to acquire more properties for right of way Busines line
04-11-2015 Stick to timeline, ease traffic hurdles: CS to HMR Officials Metro India
04-11-2015 'Speed up Metro works' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
04-11-2015 'Metro works should complete on schedule' - (Telugu) Sakshi
04-11-2015 HMR directed to speed up works The Hans India
02-11-2015 'Metro crossover on Punjagutta flyover' - (Telugu) Eenadu
02-11-2015 '24x7 security surveillance on all Metro corridors' - (Telugu) Sakshi
29-10-2015 Chugging Closer Indian Express
29-10-2015 'Checking Together' - (Telugu) Eenadu
29-10-2015 'Single (Pocket Track) in Metro Corridors' - (Telugu) Eenadu
29-10-2015 Metro Work Deccan Chronicle
28-10-2015 New guest house of Judicial Academy opened The Hindu
28-10-2015 HMR please judges The Hans India
28-10-2015 'Inauguration of Judicial Academy Guest House Complex' - (Telugu) Sakshi
28-10-2015 'Inauguration of Judicial Academy Guest House Complex' - (Telugu) Eenadu
27-10-2015 'Bangladesh Official Delegation to study Hyderabad Metro' (Telugu) Eenadu, Namaste Telangana, Sakshi
27-10-2015 Metro rail reaches another milestone The Hindu
27-10-2015 L&T Metro Rail conducts trail run Metro India
27-10-2015 It's an urban redesign project: NVS Reddy Metro India
27-10-2015 'Metro test run' (Telugu) Nava Telangana
18-10-2015 ‘Bathukamma Celebrations in Metro Rail Bhavan’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
18-10-2015 ‘Bathukamma Celebrations in Metro Rail Bhavan' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
18-10-2015 ‘Bathukamma Celebrations in Metro Rail Bhavan’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
18-10-2015 CELEBRATING TS FLOWER FEST The Times of India
16-10-2015 'Bathukamma near Metro Rail Bhavan' - (Telugu) Vaartha
16-10-2015 'Bathukamma near Metro Rail Bhavan' - (Telugu) Sakshi
16-10-2015 '2000 Foundations Completed'- (Telugu) Eenadu
14-10-2015 'Start Metro Construction work in Old City'': CPI Greater Hyderabad (South Zone) Committee - (Telugu) Namaste-Telangana
14-10-2015 'An amazing flyover' - (Telugu) Namaste-Telangana
14-10-2015 'Start Metro Construction work in Old City'': CPI Greater Hyderabad (South Zone) Committee - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
14-10-2015 'Start Metro Construction work in Old City'': CPI Greater Hyderabad (South Zone) Committee - (Telugu) Eenadu
12-10-2015 Metro Viaduct over Punjagutta flyover accomplished The Hans India
12-10-2015 'An example of Talent and expertise' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
12-10-2015 HMR Overcomes Toughest Challenge, Builds Viaduct over Punjagutta Flyover Indian Express
12-10-2015 Metro rail viaduct built in 4 months Deccan Chronicle
12-10-2015 'Metro is a wonder' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
05-10-2015 Planned to perfection Business Line
05-10-2015 FLYOVER AND OVER Deccan Chronicle
03-10-2015 ‘Bhagavad Gita recitation-Award presentation’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
03-10-2015 ‘Creativity among students should be identified’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
02-10-2015 ‘MD, HMR inspects Metro works progress’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
02-10-2015 ‘Development of Roads-Next priority’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
02-10-2015 L&T told to clear barricades at high density stretches The Hans India
02-10-2015 Metro Rail to focus on road works The Hindu
30-09-2015 Metro Rail : TS to review acquisition of properties The Hindu
30-09-2015 Adhere to target dates, CS tells HMR officials The Hans India
30-09-2015 L&T told to handover road stretches to GHMC The Hans India
30-09-2015 ‘LED glitters along Metro Rail corridors’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
30-09-2015 ‘Repair Roads and handover’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
30-09-2015 ‘LED glitters along Metro Rail corridors’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
27-09-2015 For Their Future The Times of India
27-09-2015 Nagole-Secunderabad metro rail may take another year The Hindu
27-09-2015 'Hyderabad will transform into a Green City' - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
27-09-2015 'Metro to run on tracks during next year' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
27-09-2015 Haritha Haram will make TS green Metro India
27-09-2015 'Ministers participating in plantation programme in Uppal Metro Depot' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
27-09-2015 'Hyderabad Metro will become the world's pride' : Minister Talasani - (Telugu) Sakshi
27-09-2015 Hyd Metro Organises Tree Plantation Drive Indian Express
26-09-2015 'Metro track works during Night only' - (Telugu) Eenadu
13-09-2015 HMR a role model for infra projects The Hindu
12-09-2015 HMR wins 115 land acquisition cases Metro India
12-09-2015 HMR is the Ideal Infra Project Indian Express
12-09-2015 'Students should contribute for Country's development: NVS Reddy' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi, Eenadu, Nava Telangana
09-09-2015 'CS reviews Metro Rail works ahead of Nimajjan' (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi, Andhra Jyothi
09-09-2015 'Clear routes of debris for smooth immersion' Metro India
09-09-2015 Roads in City to be Repaired Ahead of Ganesh Procession Indian Express
09-09-2015 Remove obstacles for Ganesh: CS Deccan Chronicle
08-09-2015 Award for L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad The Hindu
08-09-2015 French Connection The Hindu
08-09-2015 Moosarambagh metro station to be developed as a heritage point The Hans India
08-09-2015 'Hyderabad Metro wins another award' - (Telugu) Sakshi
08-09-2015 'Metro stations will speak the Culture & Tradition of Hyderabad' : NVS Reddy- (Telugu) Sakshi
08-09-2015 'Metro will be the crown jewel of entire world' : NVS Reddy - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
08-09-2015 Heritage structures to be made tourist spots Metro India
08-09-2015 'Metro stations will reflect Aesthetics of Heritage' : NVS Reddy- (Telugu) Mana Telangana
08-09-2015 Moosarambagh, New Malakpet Metro Stations to be Heritage Tourism Spots India Express
08-09-2015 'Metro will be the Crown Jewel of Hyderabad' : NVS Reddy - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
05-09-2015 Speedy execution of Metro Rail RoBs promised Metro India
05-09-2015 'Railways will facilitate blocks for construction of Metro RoBs' - ('Telugu') Namaste Telangana
05-09-2015 'Railways will facilitate blocks for construction of Metro RoBs' - ('Telugu') Sakshi
03-09-2015 'Hurdles cleared for Metro RoB at Malakpet' - ('Telugu') Namaste Telangana
29-08-2015 HMR to have IP surveillance The Hindu
26-08-2015 'Hyderabad Metro has an edge over Chennai Metro' - ('Urdu') Siasat
26-08-2015 Smart Hyderabad should be a Better Place to Live in, Say Intelligentsia Indian Express
26-08-2015 'City should be slum - free to be Smart City' Metro India
26-08-2015 Smart city should be citizen-friendly, say experts The Hindu
26-08-2015 ‘Hyderabad should be chosen as a Global City’ - ('Telugu') Namaste Telangana
26-08-2015 'Hyderabad - A model City' - ('Telugu') Sakshi
25-08-2015 'Dasaradhi's life was a Rebellion : Dr. KV Ramanachary- (Telugu) Mana Telangana
25-08-2015 'Life's becoming a melodrama' : Dr. KV Ramanachary - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
25-08-2015 'Dasaradhi's works reflect Telangana's lifestyle' : (Telugu) Eenadu
25-08-2015 'Dasaradhi, a source of inspiration' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
25-08-2015 'Dasaradhi's Life and Words are an Inspiration to Telugus' Indian Express
24-08-2015 A brand new bunch of engineers Deccan Chronicle
23-08-2015 HMR MD advices students to be persistent Metro India
23-08-2015 'Hyderabad Metro - Special Focus' - (Telugu) Sakshi
23-08-2015 'Hyderabad Metro - An Engineering marvel' - (Telugu) Sakshi
23-08-2015 'Our Engineers are Pioneers' - (Telugu) Sakshi
23-08-2015 'Countering Sarcasms-Creating Wonders' : NVS Reddy - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
23-08-2015 'Accept Challenges' : NVS Reddy - (Telugu) Eenadu
19-08-2015 'Hyderabad Metro on a faster pace' - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
19-08-2015 'TCEI excellency awards given in grandeur' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
19-08-2015 'TCEI excellency awards given in grandeur' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
19-08-2015 NVS Reddy, managing director, Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited, addressed the staff during the Independence Day Celebrations at Metro Rail Bhavan The Times of India
17-08-2015 Metro Check Deccan Chronicle
17-08-2015 Hyderabad Metro to emulate Chennai model of integration The Hindu
17-08-2015 'Hyderabad Metro is superior than Chennai Metro' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
17-08-2015 'Hyderabad Metro is superior than Chennai Metro' - (Telugu) Eenadu
16-08-2015 '69th Independence Day celebrations in Metro Rail Bhavan' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
16-08-2015 '69th Independence Day celebrations in Metro Rail Bhavan' - (Telugu) Sakshi
16-08-2015 Metro Rail will set global benchmarks Metro india
13-08-2015 Seven Metro Stations Get the Go-ahead from Fire Dept Indian Express
12-08-2015 'YSRCP suggests Kalam's name for Metro Rail' - (Telugu) Sakshi
11-08-2015 'Metro Rail to source plantations from Kadiyam' : NVS Reddy - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
11-08-2015 'Metro Rail to source plantations from Kadiyam' : NVS Reddy - (Telugu) Eenadu
11-08-2015 N.V.S. Reddy says flower pots from Kadiam nursery in AP will decorate Metro Rail stations Deccan Chronicle
09-08-2015 'Metro Rail not affected by power cuts' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
07-08-2015 'A, B, C, D as entry/exit points for Metro station' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
06-08-2015 'Metro station - an Engineering innovation' Namaste Telangana
05-08-2015 Metro Rail identifies 35 properties obstructing works The Hindu
05-08-2015 CS reviews HMR work The Hans India
05-08-2015 'Metro works on fast track: CS' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana, Sakshi
01-08-2015 Highlight pluses of growth HMR MD tells Jaipur scribes Metro India
01-08-2015 'Jaipur Media team visits Hyderabad Metro' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana,Sakshi
01-08-2015 'International Recognition for Metro' (Telugu) Mana Telangana
31-07-2015 Other side of the Metro story The Hindu
31-07-2015 Decks cleared for Metro Rail at Old Gandhi Hospital The Hans India
31-07-2015 World-class transport hub soon Metro India
31-07-2015 'Integration with Skywalks' (Telugu) Sakshi
31-07-2015 'Steps towards Transport Hub' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana, Mana Telangana
29-07-2015 'Metro's compensation towards City's beautification' (Telugu) Eenadu
20-07-2015 'Good results with Tree translocation techniques' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
18-07-2015 'Metro's engineering marvel in the city' (Telugu) Eenadu
04-07-2015 HMR TO PLANT 5 LAKH SAPLINGS Indian Express
04-07-2015 HMR to plan 5 lakh saplings this monsoon Metro India
04-07-2015 '5 lakh saplings for Metro Haritha Haram: NVS Reddy' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana,Sakshi
01-07-2015 'Green Metro stations' (Telugu) Eenadu
01-07-2015 'Road Crossings to be easy' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
01-07-2015 Metro Rail Update The Times of India
29-06-2015 'New look for Metro' (Telugu) Sakshi
29-06-2015 'Modern look for Metro Rythu Bazar' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
29-06-2015 'God islands in Metro Corridors' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
28-06-2015 'Pochampally saree look for Metro sidewalk' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
28-06-2015 'Representation to start Metro works in Old City' (Telugu) Eenadu, Sakshi
28-06-2015 Hyderabad Metro Rail MD NVS Reddy explaining an alternative Metro Rail alignment The Hans India
28-06-2015 'No harm to Assembly Building with Metro' (Telugu) Eenadu, Sakshi
27-06-2015 Pochampally sari inspires Metro Rail Deccan Chronicle
27-06-2015 'Aim for the Target: NVS Reddy' (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi, Andhra Jyothi, Eenadu, Nava Telangana, Sakshi
24-06-2015 'Speed up Metro works: CS' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi,Namaste Telangana,Sakshi
24-06-2015 HMR acquires major properties Deccan Chronicle
24-06-2015 'Dumping of debris near Metro Rail viaduct illegal' The Hindu
21-06-2015 'CEOs Bike Ride' (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi,Andhra Prabha,Eenadu,Namaste Telangana
21-06-2015 Metro Urges Corporates to Establish Bike Station to Promote Cycling indian express
21-06-2015 Relocating Beliefs The Economic Times
21-06-2015 Pedalling catches up in a big way in city The Hindu
19-06-2015 'Metro double run' (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
19-06-2015 HMR Looks to convert 30% motorists into metro commuters The Hans India
16-06-2015 'Plan to provide large spans in between Metro Rail Pillars' (Urdu) Roznama Rashtriya Sahara Hyderabad
16-06-2015 'First stage of Hyderabad Metro Rail completed' (Urdu) The Rahnuma-E-Deccan
16-06-2015 REPORTER'S DIARY The Hindu
12-06-2015 MD, HMR inspected chaderghat Govt school built by HMR Andhra Jyothi,Nava Telangana,Sakshi
12-06-2015 HMR completes construction of school building The Hindu
12-06-2015 'HMR School to be Better than Best' The New Indian Express
11-06-2015 Metro Malls Eenadu,Namaste Telangana,Sakshi
07-06-2015 New Life in a Metro Economic Times
07-06-2015 LONG WAIT Deccan Chronicle
05-06-2015 ‘Metro Rail to give preference to local people for employment opportunities’ (Telugu) Eenadu,Sakshi
05-06-2015 Metro Rail Must be people friendly: KCR urges Keolis MD The Hans India
05-06-2015 KCR seeks preference for locals in Metro rail jobs The Hindu
03-06-2015 ‘Mesmerising message thru Tableaux’ (Telugu) Eenadu
03-06-2015 ‘Metro Rail structures illuminated’ (Telugu) Eenadu
03-06-2015 ‘HMR Tableau won First Prize during Telangana Formation Day celebrations’ (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana,Sakshi, Andhra Prabha
03-06-2015 ‘MD, HMR Mr. NVS Reddy paying tribute to Telangana Martyrs’ (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
03-06-2015 Tableaux of Hyderabad Metro Rail got the 1ST Prize Deccan Chronicle
03-06-2015 City Erupts Into Celebrations Metro India
03-06-2015 Festivities across length and breadth of Telangana The Times of India
02-06-2015 ‘Metro Rail structures illuminated for Telangana State Formation day celebrations’ (Telugu) Eenadu,Sakshi
02-06-2015 ‘MD, HMR inspecting flexi works at Parade Grounds’ (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
02-06-2015 Uppal and Sr Nagar Metro Stations Illuminated The Hans India
02-06-2015 Kcr invites GUV to T Formation day The Times of India
28-05-2015 'All areas will be integrated with Metro' Sakshi,Namasthe Telangana
25-05-2015 MIDNIGHT RUN Deccan chronicle
25-05-2015 PICKED AS SPIC AND SPAN Metro India
24-05-2015 'Target ROBs' Namasthe Telangana, sakshi
24-05-2015 3 ROBs in Metro Corridor to be completed in one year Metro India
23-05-2015 'No posters on Metro pillars: CM' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi, Sakshi
23-05-2015 'Light of Future' (Telugu) Eenadu
23-05-2015 NVS Reddy, MD of Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR), as part of 'Swachh Hyderabad - Swachh Metro' programme Times of India
23-05-2015 Metro rail gets 'speed certificate' The Hindu
23-05-2015 No more posters on Metro pillars: KCR The Hindu
23-05-2015 KCR hints at penalty on violators The Hans India
23-05-2015 Remove neta's posters, asks CM Deccan Chronicle
20-05-2015 'Swachh Hyderabad' (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi, Andhra Prabha, Eenadu
20-05-2015 STRIVING FOR A CLEAN CITY The Hans India
20-05-2015 Secunderabad temple next to go for Metro Rail pillars Deccan Chronicle
18-05-2015 AROUND THE CITY The Hindu
17-05-2015 'Swachh Hyderabad...Swachh Metro' (Telugu) Andhra Prabha, Eenadu, Namaste Telangana, Nava Telangana, Sakshi, Vaartha, Andhra Jyothi
10-05-2015 METRO RAIL TO MAKE HAPPY CITY Metro India
10-05-2015 'Hyderabad to be a Global city with Metro' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi, Eenadu, Hindi Milap, Namaste Telangana, Sakshi
08-05-2015 'These women are the dream runners' (Telugu) Sakshi
04-05-2015 TRIAL RUN Deccan Chronicle
03-05-2015 Metro rail works on fast track The Times of India
03-05-2015 Metro Rail in 2016: NVS Reddy Metro India
03-05-2015 'Better facilities for Metro commuters' (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi, Hindi Milap, Namaste Telangana, Sakshi
30-04-2015 'Metro train speeding....' (Telugu) Eenadu
29-04-2015 Metro Rail's 'Demolition Job' Picks Up Steam Indian Express
29-04-2015 HMR demolishes SCR properties Deccan Chronicle
29-04-2015 'Maintain same speed: CS' (Telugu) Hindi Milap, Namaste Telangana, Sakshi, The Munsif
29-04-2015 'Metro clearance sale' (Telugu) Eenadu
27-04-2015 'Metro runs..' (Telugu) Sakshi
26-04-2015 30 minutes, 10 Metro Rail trips! Hans India
26-04-2015 Metro Rail built to withstand earthquakes Deccan Chronicle
24-04-2015 'No caring for the saplings planted' (Telugu) Eenadu
21-04-2015 REPORTER'S DIARY The Hindu
21-04-2015 'Metro running' (Telugu) Eenadu
19-04-2015 Metro rail engineers have their TASK CUT OUT The Hindu
19-04-2015 'Metro trial run' (Telugu) Eenadu
15-04-2015 'MD, HMR Mr. NVS Reddy inspecting Metro works in Moosapet' (Telugu) Eenadu
14-04-2015 Eight SCR properties bought for Rs. 40 crore: N.V.S. Reddy The Hindu
14-04-2015 'Hyderabad as global city after Metro completion' (Telugu) Sakshi
14-04-2015 'Skywalks from Secunderabad station to Metro station' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
14-04-2015 Skywalks to connect HMR, rly platforms Metro India
14-04-2015 'Metro's role in water conservation' (Telugu) Eenadu
14-04-2015 METRO WORK GOING ON SMOOTHLY Deccan Chronicle
13-04-2015 'Metro changes the phase of the city' (Hindi) Hindi Milap
12-04-2015 Shalimar junction to get 6 ft ramp to ease traffic Deccan Chronicle
11-04-2015 'Problems cleared for Metro' (Telugu) Eenadu
09-04-2015 Clock Tower to be developed as model junction The Hans India
09-04-2015 Sec'bad clock tower area to be made a model junction The Hans India
09-04-2015 Facelift for Clock Tower area Deccan Chronicle
09-04-2015 'Metro works inspected at Secunderabad' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi, Sakshi
08-04-2015 'Begumpet Road widening issue cleared for Metro' (Telugu) Eenadu, Namaste Telangana
08-04-2015 Major hurdle to HMR at Begumpet cleared The Hindu
08-04-2015 Jabbar Building on Begumpet Road being Demolished for Metro Works Indian Express
08-04-2015 'Joint inspections are very good: CS' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
02-04-2015 'Make traffic free roads...' (Telugu) Sakshi
02-04-2015 Demolitions for Metro Rail gather speed Deccan Chronicle
29-03-2015 'Cities should have access to bicycling' : NVS Reddy (Telugu) Surya
29-03-2015 'Hyderabad Future will change with Metro' : NVS Reddy (Telugu) Sakshi
29-03-2015 'Metro works at Brisk Pace' : NVS Reddy (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
29-03-2015 'Cycling helps protect environment' : NVS Reddy (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
29-03-2015 Crusading for a green earth The Hans India
29-03-2015 Safer roads for cyclists Deccan Chronicle
28-03-2015 Metro to build 200 skywalks Deccan Chronicle
25-03-2015 'Report on Metro Rail Alignment Change' (Telugu) Sakshi
25-03-2015 HMR told to submit report on changes in alignment Metro India
25-03-2015 Land for HMR: Govt to Clear Legal Hurdles Indian Express
20-03-2015 'Views on Metro Extension : Tummala' (Telugu) Sakshi
19-03-2015 'Jubilee Hills to be traffic free junction' (Telugu) Eenadu, Sakshi
19-03-2015 Steps initiated to clear Metro debris Deccan Chronicle
11-03-2015 Restore roads for free flow of traffic, Metro Rail told The Hindu
11-03-2015 'Eliminate encroachments along Musi river: CS' (Telugu) Sakshi
11-03-2015 Relocate electrical lines to ease traffic Metro India
07-03-2015 Inspired by metro rails all over the world Times of India
05-03-2015 Hyd Best Liveable City in India: Survey Indian Express
05-03-2015 'Best City' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
04-03-2015 Rajiv Sharma reviews Metro Rail works The Hans India
04-03-2015 'CS reviews Metro works' (Telugu) Mana Telangana
03-03-2015 'Concrete can create wonders: NVS Reddy' Andhra Jyothi, Eenadu, The Etemad
03-03-2015 'Metro stage 1 commissioning delayed' (Telugu) Eenadu, Namaste Telangana
03-03-2015 Precast technology gets a thumbs up at summit The Hindu
03-03-2015 WORLD CONCRETE SUMMIT The Hans India
03-03-2015 Innovation key to nation building Metro India
24-02-2015 INCHING CLOSER TO REALITY Times of India
22-02-2015 'CS reviews Metro Rail works' (Telugu) Eenadu, Sakshi
22-02-2015 RuB at Allugaddabavi opened The Hindu
22-02-2015 Chief Secy Reviews metro Rail Works Indian Express
12-02-2015 Metro Rail launches work on first RoB The Hindu
12-02-2015 Bharatnagar Metro Rail over bridge work commences The Hans India
12-02-2015 Metro told to fix roads Deccan Chronicle
12-02-2015 'Metro Rail Over Bridge (ROB) works started' (Telugu) Eenadu, Namaste Telangana, Sakshi
12-02-2015 'GM, SCR inspecting Metro station and Depot' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
08-02-2015 'Special importance to Traffic issues: HMR MD' (Telugu) Andhra Prabha, Sakshi
08-02-2015 L&T told to remove debris from Metro sites The Times of India
08-02-2015 Metro works inspected The Hindu
08-02-2015 HMR speeds up works at Mozamjahi market The Hans India
06-02-2015 TRAVEL TRAVAILS The Hans India
06-02-2015 'Travel Hyderabad Metro like this..' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
04-02-2015 'Metro works at brisk pace' (Telugu) Sakshi
04-02-2015 CS calls for weekly joint inspection Metro India
04-02-2015 CS Sets Target for Property Acquisition Indian Express
29-1-2015 'Right of Way is OK' (Telugu) Sakshi
29-1-2015 'A new city with Hyderabad Metro: Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana, Sakshi
28-1-2015 'Expedite land acquisition by March 15' (Telugu) Sakshi
28-1-2015 'Metro security in the hands of SPF' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
28-1-2015 'walking track at Parade Grounds' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
28-1-2015 Expedite land acquisition in 3 Metro Rail corridors: CS The Hans India
28-1-2015 304 Properties to Be Acquired by March Indian Express
27-1-2015 Metro rail project will transform city: N.V.S. Reddy The Hindu
27-1-2015 Hyderabad Metro Rail Managing Director NVS Reddy unfurling the national flag at Metro Rail Bhavan The Hans India
27-1-2015 'Republic Day celebrations at HMR' (Telugu) Sakshi
27-1-2015 HYD METRO RAIL Indian Express
25-1-2015 'Beautification of footpaths' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi, Namaste Telangana, Vaartha
25-1-2015 HMRL beautifies stn footpath Times of India
25-1-2015 'On the dreams road' (Telugu) Sakshi
24-1-2015 SCR not to levy 'traffic block' charges from Metro The Hindu
24-1-2015 Nagole-Mettuguda Metro works inspected The Hans India
24-1-2015 'MA&UD Principal Secretary inspects Metro works' (Telugu) Sakshi
24-1-2015 Suresh Prabhu sorts out long pending issues between Railways and Hyderabad metro Business Line
24-1-2015 ' HMR to be exempted from Traffic Block Tax' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
21-1-2015 '80 road junctions to be improved' (Telugu) Eenadu, Namaste Telangana, The Hindu
19-1-2015 'Wah...Raa' (Telugu) Eenadu, Namaste Telangana
17-1-2015 Your biggest critic is within you Metro India
15-1-2015 'A very special festival: NVS Reddy' (Telugu) Sakshi
14-1-2015 Speed up work, CM tells HMR Deccan Chronicle
12-1-2015 Hyderabad metro project land acquisitions to be expedited Business Line
11-1-2015 Master plan for metro rail roads The Hindu
11-1-2015 HMR to minimise acquisition of private properties The Hans India
11-1-2015 'Special focus on Metro' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi, Sakshi
10-1-2015 Hyd Metro Rail Works Chugging on Fast Track Indian Express
10-1-2015 'Every week review on Metro' (Telugu) Eenadu, Namaste telangana
2-1-2015 'The book I read in 2014' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
2-1-2015 'Metro benefits' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
1-1-2015 'Hyd Metro needs no driver' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi, Eenadu, Sakshi, Surya
1-1-2015 Metro rail goes on first automatic trial run The Hindu
1-1-2015 Hyd Metro Creates Record by Running on CBTC Signalling Indian Express
25-12-2014 Around the City The Hindu
25-12-2014 'Metro to be disabled friendly' (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi, Namaste Telangana
10-12-2014 Another step Times of India
10-12-2014 Consensus on metro rail changes, land regularisation The Hindu
10-12-2014 'Metro discussion in All Party Meeting' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
04-12-2014 'Metro to be disabled friendly' (Telugu) Eenadu
28-11-2014 'HC vacates stay on Metro Rail works' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
28-11-2014 HC Clears hurdles for metro rail at greenlands Metro India
28-11-2014 HC Allows metro rail through yousufguda Indian Express
26-11-2014 'Changes in Metro alignment confirmed' (Telugu) Eenadu, Namaste Telangana, Sakshi
26-11-2014 T govt to officially ask L&T for metro rail realignment Times of India
26-11-2014 RWAs stress on sustainable urban development The Hans India

'Flyover over flyover' (Telugu) Eenadu
25-11-2014 'Hyderabad will be a Global city with Metro' (Telugu) Sakshi
25-11-2014 'Hyderabad will be a Global city with Metro' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
25-11-2014 'Hyderabad will be a Global city with Metro' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
25-11-2014 Hyderabad, Bordeaux to join hands in urban growth The Hans India
25-11-2014 Panel on metro alignment constituted Indian Express
25-11-2014 Metro Rail to redesign HYD image Indian Express
24-11-2014 For smooth traffic Deccan Chronicle
24-11-2014 'RWA is important for development' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
23-11-2014 'RWA is important for development' (Telugu) Eenadu
22-11-2014 Changing cityscape Times of India
21-11-2014 Acquire land for metro by december, says task force The Hindu
21-11-2014 Metro Rail works on fast track Metro India
21-11-2014 Extension raises hopes Deccan Chronicle
21-11-2014 KCR keen on completion of metro rail on schedule Business Standard
21-11-2014 'Finish on time: KCR' (Telugu) Andhra Prabha, Namaste Telangana, Prajasakthi
15-11-2014 No red Signal for Metro Rail Deccan Chronicle
15-11-2014 Former IPS Officer Appointed to UN Panel Indian Express
15-11-2014 'Good Relationship between cities leads to development' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
15-11-2014 'We are working hard: KCR' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
15-11-2014 'Metro Rail is a gift to Hyderabad: Governor' (Telugu) Eenadu
10-11-2014 'Felicitation to writer Adivishnu' (Telugu) Namaste Telengana
06-11-2014 'Metro budget approved: NVS' (Telugu) Eenadu
03-11-2014 Metro to be disabled-friendly The Hindu
02-11-2014 Metro rail to be disabled-friendly The Times of India
02-11-2014 'Metro Trains to be Disabled-friendly' (Telugu) Eenadu, Namaste Telangana, Prajasakthi
31-10-2014 The Metro Train on test run between Depot and Mettuguda on Thursday night Metro India
31-10-2014 Metro rail works on the fast track The Hindu
10-10-2014 'This is cities era' (Telugu) Andhrajyothi, Namaste Telangana
03-10-2014 'Bathukamma celebrations in Metro Bhavan' (Telugu) Eenadu, Namaste Telangana, Sakshi
02-10-2014 Construction of Pocket track inspected The Hindu
02-10-2014 'Metro Rail Pocket Track in Begumpet' (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi, Andhra Jyothi
02-10-2014 Pocket track being constructed at Begumpet The Hans India
02-10-2014 HMR officials inspect pocket track Metro India
30-09-2014 'Metro Rail in Metropolis schedule of Mayors' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
29-09-2014 'All Metro rights belongs to Telangana only: NVS Reddy' (Telugu) Sakshi
29-09-2014 'Many opportunities in software: NVS Reddy' (Telugu) Sakshi
29-09-2014 Concerted efforts for Metropolis meet Metro India

Metro Rail MD's pep talk to budding entrepreneurs

Metro India
29-09-2014 Central University Students Launch Green Bucket Initiative Indian Express
28-09-2014 L&T TOLD TO EXPEDITE WORKS Times of India
28-09-2014 'Road widening in Metro corridors' (Telugu) Sakshi
27-09-2014 'Reduce Metro barrication: CS' (Telugu) Eenadu, Namaste Telangana
26-09-2014 Security for Metro stations reviewed Metro India
26-09-2014 'Security at Metro stations & Depots are excellent: CV Anand' (Telugu) Eenadu, Sakshi, Visalaandhra
23-09-2014 Traffic Blocks on Railway Tracks: Metro Gets SCR Nod Indian Express
23-09-2014 HMR chief seeks Railway property Metro India
23-09-2014 'Give permissions for Railway Crossings' (Today) (Telugu) Sakshi, Andhra Jyothi
21-09-2014 HMR urged to reduce width of Nampally road The Hans India
21-09-2014 'GHMC Mayor called on MD, HMR' (Telugu) Sakshi, Namaste Telangana
19-09-2014 HMR MD Refutes Charges on Raidurg Land The Indian Express
19-09-2014 'Land is under L&T only' (Telugu) Sakshi, Eenadu
13-09-2014 HMR to become State icon: HMR MD Metro India
13-09-2014 'Hyderabad Metro created history' (Telugu)

Eenadu, Sakshi

11-09-2014 Metro stations to have foolproof security The Hans India
11-09-2014 Hyd metro to get airport-like security Business Standard
11-09-2014 'High-level security for Metro Rail' (Telugu) Sakshi, Andhrajyothi
10-09-2014 'Hyderabad Metro Rail.....Crown jewel of Telangana' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
03-09-2014 Metro guru took the test run The Times of India
03-09-2014 Metro Rail Chugging on the Right Track Indian Express
03-09-2014 8 trains on test runs, 4 more to follow  
03-09-2014 L&T Hyderabad Metro hints at cost escalation, may need more funds Business Line
03-09-2014 'Beautiful Metro' (Telugu, Hindu, Urdu) Andhrajyothi, Andhraprabha, Eenadu, Hindi Milap, Namaste Telangana, Prajasakthi, Siasat
02-09-2014 'Dr.Sreedharan participated in Metro test run' (Telugu) Andhrajyothi, Sakshi
02-09-2014 Sreedharan takes Metro test ride The Hindu
02-09-2014 Metro guru visits city Metro Rail Metro India
02-09-2014 Sreedharan, NVS Reddy Get a Taste of Metro Indian Express
27-08-2014 HMR fusing aesthetics and engineering Metro India
27-08-2014 Plants, Murals to Adorn Metro Rail Indian Express
27-08-2014 All-woman Metro station planned Deccan Chronicle
27-08-2014 'Metro landscaping designing is very beautiful: CS Rajiv Sharma' (Telugu, Hindi and Urdu) Andhrajyothi, Andhraprabha, Eenadu, Surya, Hindi Milap, The Munsif, Siasat
23-08-2014 Rail transport is five times more efficient than roadways The Hans India
23-08-2014 Robotics fest draws hundreds Metro India
23-08-2014 'Students should succeed as Researchers' (Telugu) Sakshi, Namaste Telangana, Eenadu
22-08-2014 'Analysis on Metro Expansion' (Telugu) Eenadu
16-08-2014 Credit goes L&T engineers' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi, Namaste Telangana, Prajasakthi
16-08-2014 A Joyful freedom ride' (Telugu) Sakshi
16-08-2014 Metro commuters' association to offer inputs for better services The Hindu
16-08-2014 Need to create more iconic structures in city The Hans India
16-08-2014 Over 2,000 join the 'Freedom Ride' The Hans India
16-08-2014 City hosts Freedom Ride Metro India
15-08-2014 'Metro Rail Commuters' Association' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi, Andhra Prabha
15-08-2014 Metro stations to have shops Deccan Chronicle
14-08-2014 KCR calls for extending Metro Project to 200km The Hans India
14-08-2014 CM Wants Metro Rail Corridor Extended to 200KM Indian Express
09-08-2014 More 'test runs' in store for metro The Hindu
09-08-2014 'Tests continued second day also'(Telugu) Sakshi, Andhrajyothi
08-08-2014 A FAT RIDE TO METRO Indian Express
08-08-2014 'Metro Rail First Run' (Telugu) Eenadu,Namaste Telangana, Sakshi
07-08-2014 'Measures for strengthening traffic system' (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi, Sakshi
05-08-2014 The urban "scarecrow" The Hindu
05-08-2014 The challenge of "handling the media" The Hindu
02-08-2014 '250 Km Metro: KTR ' (Telugu) Sakshi, Namaste Telangana, Andhra Jyothi, Eenadu
02-08-2014 Government is with metro rail project, says KTR The Hindu
02-08-2014 Hyd Metro Rail in for expansion Metro India
02-08-2014 Telangana plans expanding Hyderabad Metro to 250 km Business Line
01-08-2014 HMR Managing Director Outlines Power Requirement for Metro Rail Indian Express
01-08-2014 'Metro Power' (Telugu) Eenadu, Sakshi
31-07-2014 'Center has no role in Metro' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
28-07-2014 HMR creates record The Hindu
28-07-2014 HMR erects 1,000 Viaduct spans in record time The Hans India
28-07-2014 Hyd Metro sets record Metro India
28-07-2014 Engineering students told to improve skills Metro India
28-07-2014 'Knowledge should be used for the society' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi, Namaste Telangana
28-07-2014 'Hyderabad Metro - The best Metro' (Telugu) (Urdu) Andhra Jyothi, Namaste Telangana, Prajasakthi, Visalaandhra, Siasat, The Rehanuma-E-Deccan Daily
24-07-2014 Security to be given top priority at HMR The Hans India
24-07-2014 Metro Stations to Get Tight Security Cover Indian Express
24-07-2014 'Airport-like security for Metro Rail' (Telugu) Sakshi, Visalandhra
20-07-2014 City CEOs take to wheels The Hans India
20-07-2014 Cycling track alongside ORR on the drawing board The Hindu
20-07-2014 'Hyderabad to be the hub of international cycling' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi, Eenadu
11-07-2014 'Traffic Police nod for 90 more Metro Rail piers' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana, Eenadu, Sakshi
11-07-2014 Police clearance for Metro Rail fast-tracked The Hans India

HMR authorities urged not to disrupt traffic Metro India
11-07-2014 90 Metro Rail Piers Get Police Clearance Indian Express
10-07-2014 Travellers' Assn calls on HMR chief The Hans India
10-07-2014 'Metro Travellers' Association called on MD, HMR Mr. NVS Reddy' (Hindi) Hindi Milap
10-07-2014 Metro Rail: Plea to ensure basic amenities Metro India
10-07-2014 'Provide best facilities for Metro passengers' (Telugu) Andhra Prabha, Namaste Telangana
02-07-2014 CM reviews Metro Rail work The Hindu
02-07-2014 ' "See for alternatives: CM" ' (Telugu) Eenadu
02-07-2014 'Metro moves ahead' (Telugu) Sakshi
01-07-2014 'Precasting works even at junctions' (Telugu) Eenadu
25-06-2014 Arrival of 3 more Metro trains The Times of India
25-06-2014 'Danger journey....' (Telugu) Sakshi
23-06-2014 Three Metro trains arrive at Uppal The Hindu
23-06-2014 Three more Metro trains arrive The Hans India
23-06-2014 Metro runs ahead of schedule Metro India
23-06-2014 '3 more Metro trains reach city, trials soon' (Telugu, Hindi) Andhra Jyothi, Eenadu, Hindi Milap, Namaste Telangana, Prajasakthi, Siasat
20-06-2014 2.15 acres of defence land for metro station The Hindu
20-06-2014 Defence Ministry agrees to transfer land to HMR Hans of India
20-06-2014 Defence Ministry to Give Land for Parade Grounds Metro Rail Station Indian Express
20-06-2014 'Defence Ministry to transfer land to HMR' (Telugu, Hindi and Urdu) Andhra Prabha, Andhra Bhoomi, Andhra Jyothi, Hindi Milap, The Munsif
19-06-2014 'Alanati Akasavani' book launched (Telugu) Eenadu
12-06-2014 'This is common man's Metro' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
08-06-2014 'Metro Rail work needn't hamper traffic flow' The Hindu
08-06-2014 'No traffic woes in Metro corridors' (Telugu) Sakshi
08-06-2014 'Officials inspect Metro Rail corridor-1' (Telugu) Andhrajyothi
07-06-2014 'Focus on road widening works in Metro corridors' (Telugu) Eenadu, Sakshi
05-06-2014 'Free cycle with Metro smart card: MD, HMR Mr. NVS Reddy' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
05-06-2014 Free bicycles at all Metro Rail stations The Hindu
05-06-2014 'Cycle stands at Metro stations: MD, HMR Mr. NVS Reddy' (Telugu) Andhrajyothi
03-06-2014 HMR hails birth of Telangana Metro India
03-06-2014 'HMR celebrates the formation of Telangana State' (Telugu) Andhrajyothi, Namaste Telangana, Prajasakthi, The Munsif
01-06-2014 'Racing against the Time' (Telugu) Eenadu
01-06-2014 Venkaiah promises to include Hyderabad in 100 smart cities The Hans India
22-05-2014 First metro train arrives at Uppal depot The Hindu
22-05-2014 City gets first three train cars for Metro Rail project Metro India
22-05-2014 'Metro coach arrives uppal depot' (Telugu) Eenadu
21-05-2014 'Metro coach arrives...' (Telugu) Eenadu
19-05-2014 'MD, HMR Mr. NVS Reddy called on Mr. KCR' (Telugu, Hindi) Hindi Milap, Namaste Telangana, Sakshi
16-05-2014 'Metro in full swing' (Telugu) Sakshi
14-05-2014 'Metro station works in full swing' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
13-05-2014 HYDERABAD METRO IN TRANSIT The Hans India
13-05-2014 Metro coaches en route The Hindu
13-05-2014 'Hyderabad Metro coaches reached chennai' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
13-05-2014 'Hyderabad Metro coaches reached chennai' (Telugu) Eenadu
12-05-2014 'Metro trial run in July' (Telugu) Andhra prabha
12-05-2014 'Metro construction in good shape' (Telugu) Eenadu
07-05-2014 'Influence zones' proposed near metro rail stations The Times of India
07-05-2014 'Ensure no traffic jams' (Telugu) Sakshi
07-05-2014 'Metro works should be hastened in Summer' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
05-05-2014 'Here comes....The Metro' (Telugu) Eenadu
28-04-2014 'Metro ours.....No, It's ours....' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
15-04-2014 Guv releases Heritage Hyderabad The Hans India
15-04-2014 'Heritages are invaluable assets' (Telugu) Eenadu, Andhra Jyothi
11-04-2014 First metro train begins journey from Korea Indian Express
11-04-2014 'First Metro Train moved from Korea' (Telugu) Eenadu
06-04-2014 80 p.c. of Metro stage I complete The Hindu
06-04-2014 'Hyderabad Metro Rail- World's unique project of its kind' (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi, Sakshi, Namaste Telanagana
21-03-2014 Punjagutta, Hitec Metro stations to stand tall Hindu
21-03-2014 'Uppal Metro Station to be ready soon' (Telugu) Sakshi
18-03-2014 'HMR applies brakes to L&T Metro's speed on issuing private names to Metro stations' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
16-03-2014 Technology must be used to solve problems Metro India
16-03-2014 Perseverance, Determination behind HMR success story The Hans India
16-03-2014 Venture into new field of business, IITians told The Hindu
15-03-2014 'Nalgonda X roads - Chaderghat road develops due to Metro Rail works' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
14-03-2014 'Technology should serve people's needs' (Telugu, English) Andhra Jyothi, Indian Express, The Hindu, Vaartha
12-03-2014 Youthful spirit makes their day The Hindu
11-03-2014 Metro gets its first model station The Hindu
10-03-2014 'Uppal Station view – Photograph' (Telugu) Eenadu
09-03-2014 ALL WOMEN METRO STATION The Hans India
09-03-2014 Metro to have 'Taruni' women-centric station Metro India
09-03-2014 Bicycle kiosks planned at Metro stations The Hindu
09-03-2014 'HMR and HBC jointly organised – exclusive women's cycling event' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi, Eenadu, Namaste Telangana, Prajasakthi
08-03-2014 'Metro Rail Salvation for women' (Telugu) Eenadu
08-03-2014 HMR to organise campaigns on gender equality The Hindu

'CREDAI property show has come to an end' (Telugu) Sakshi, Andhrajyothi, Namaste Telangana
03-03-2014 'Tremendous response to Sakshi phone in program' (Telugu) Sakshi
02-03-2014 City realty set to grow Metro India
01-03-2014 'Fare collection equipment for Hyderabad Metro arrives' (Telugu, English) The Hans India, Namaste Telangana, Vaartha
28-01-2014 'City beauties on Metro train' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
27-02-2014 'Failures are stepping stone to success' (Telugu) Prajasakthi
27-02-2014 'Innovations should be dominant on Technology' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
27-02-2014 'Self-Confidence leads to success' (Telugu) Eenadu
25-02-2014 'Bus along with Metro train' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
24-02-2014 'Enthusiasts pedal for the cause of Metro' (Telugu, English) The Hindu, Andhra Jyothi, Namaste Telangana, Prajasakthi, Sakshi, Vaartha
21-02-2014 'We woke up late to the cause of reviving cities' The Hindu
20-02-2014 Metro effect: realty spike in Old City The Hindu
18-02-2014 'Hyderabad Metro is an Engineering excellence' (Telugu) Eenadu
16-02-2014 'Metro stations to come up with a theme' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
16-02-2014 'Metro second stage services from next year' (Telugu) Eenadu
16-02-2014 'Special stations in Metro project' (Telugu) Andhrajyothi
16-02-2014 Metro will boost city's image: NVS The Hindu
16-02-2014 Theme-based Metro Stations to come up The Hindu
16-02-2014 Tackling engg challenges, Metro Rail project surges ahead The Hans India
13-02-2014 'Metro stations example of lean construction' (Telugu, English) Metro India, Namaste Telangana, Sakshi, surya, Vaartha
13-02-2014 22 Lakh Visited Exhibition The Indian Express
13-02-2014 Lean Management Techniques Need of the Hour: HMR MD The Indian Express
13-02-2014 HMR stall adjudged the best at Numaish The Hindu
10-02-2014 ON TRACK The Times of India
10-02-2014 METRO WORKS Deccan Chronicle
07-02-2014 'Metro Rail stations to have high security system' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
06-02-2014 'World Bank Experts' team reviews HMR work' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi, AndhraPrabha, Sakshi, Surya
06-02-2014 HMR will attract global investments to city: WB Metro India
05-02-2014 'Trial run of Metro Rail from Nagole to Mettuguda will begin in July, 2014' (Urdu) Siasat
05-02-2014 85 percent of Metro Rail Work Being Done at Pre-casting Yards The Indian Express
05-02-2014 First Metro train by April-end The Hindu
03-02-2014 'HMR will boost older parts of city' The Hindu
03-02-2014 'City problems can be reduced through Metro' (Telugu) Sakshi
03-02-2014 'Hyderabad Metro will get world wide appreciation' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
01-02-2014 How about extending Metro Rail up to Sangareddy? Metro India
01-02-2014 'How about extending Metro Rail up to Sangareddy?' (Telugu) Visalaandhra
01-02-2014 'How about extending Metro Rail up to Sangareddy?' (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
30-01-2014 'Metro Rail expansions in HMDA CTS plan 2041 draft' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana

'Metro Rail will transform city' Metro India
28-01-2014 HMR to make the most of stations

The Hindu
28-01-2014 'Human development supported by Engineering' (Telugu) Vaartha
28-01-2014 'Metro gearing ahead - overcoming hurdles (Telugu)' Eenadu
27-01-2014 'MD, HMR unfurling the National Flag at Metro Rail Bhavan' (Telugu) Sakshi
27-01-2014 'Unmatched Metro Rail in the making' Metro India
25-01-2014 Tanzanian delegation lauds HMR project (Urdu) The Munsif
25-01-2014 'Tanzanian delegation lauds HMR project' (Telugu)

25-01-2014 'Tanzanian delegation lauds HMR project' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
25-01-2014 'Tanzanian delegation lauds HMR project' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
25-01-2014 Tanzanian delegation lauds HMR project Metro India
25-01-2014 Tanzanian Team in city to Study Metro Indian Express
24-01-2014 'Metro trial run in July' (Telugu) Surya
24-01-2014 'Metro - 2015 Ugadi gift' (Telugu) Sakshi
24-01-2014 Metro Rail Trial Run in July Indian Express
24-01-2014 HMR told to repair roads Deccan Chronicle
22-01-2014 'Uppal Metro depot ready' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
21-01-2014 'Beautiful curve of Metro Rail viaduct' (Telugu) Eenadu
16-01-2014 Metro stall draws huge crowds The Hindu
16-01-2014 Metro coach draws big crowd at Numaish Metro India
16-01-2014 'Metro coach draws big crowd at Numaish' (Telugu) AndhraPrabha
16-01-2014 'Metro coach draws big crowd at Numaish' (Telugu) Surya
16-01-2014 'Metro coach draws big crowd at Numaish' (Telugu) Prajasakthi
16-01-2014 'Metro coach draws big crowd at Numaish' (Telugu) AndhraJyothi
13-01-2014 'Metro to start by 2015 Ugadi' (Telugu) Sakshi
13-01-2014 'Swami Vivekananda changed the phase of India' (Telugu) Eenadu
13-01-2014 'Civilization is a hallmark to India' (Telugu) Andhrajyothi
11-01-2014 'All eyes on Metro Rail' (Telugu) Eenadu
10-01-2014 Metro to bank on Bailey bridges The Hindu
10-01-2014 Metro Rail works to be completed on time, (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
10-01-2014 'Metro Rail works to be completed on time' (Telugu)


10-01-2014 'Metro Rail works to be completed on time' (Telugu) Visaalandra
09-01-2014 Station Ahead The Times of India
09-01-2014 'Metro Mania' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
08-01-2014 'International Conference on Emerging Trends in Civil Engineering' (Telugu) Vaartha
07-01-2014 HMR chugs on innovation:NVS The Hindu
07-01-2014 'International Conference on Emerging Trends in Civil Engineering' (Telugu) AndhraPrabha
07-01-2013 'International Conference on Emerging Trends in Civil Engineering' (Telugu) Krishna Patrika
07-01-2014 'International Conference on Emerging Trends in Civil Engineering' (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana, Eenadu
07-01-2014 60% of Metro Rail challenges are non-engineering The Hans India
06-01-2014 Cynosure Of All Eyes The Hans India
05-01-2014 A Peep Into The Future The Times of India
05-01-2014 'Inauguration of Metro Rail stall in All India Industrial Exhibition' (Telugu) Andhra Prabha

'Metro Rail designed considering the needs for the next 50 years'(Telugu) Eenadu
05-01-2014 'Metro Coach in Numaish' (Telugu) Surya
01-01-2014 '2014...very important year for Metro Rail' (Telugu) AndhraJyothi
01-01-2014 'Metro Stations to become commercial Hubs' (Telugu) AndhraJyothi
01-01-2014 L&T Hyd Metro in talks with banks for smart card ticketing The Financial Express

30-12-2013 First metro train to run by june The Hans India
29-12-2013 HMR to Be India's First to Use CBTC Tech The Indian Express
29-12-2013 Hyderabad Metro phase 1 trail runs to begin by July Bussiness line
28-12-2013 ' Metro works are at brisk pace' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
28-12-2013 Travel in Metro Rail with ATM card Metro India
28-12-2013 Another Step Forward The Times of India
27-12-2013 'Lorry on tracks' (Telugu) Eenadu
26-12-2013 Metro Rail Work On Track The Hans India
25-12-2013 '25% project works completed' (Telugu) Eenadu
25-12-2013 'Metro year @ 2013' (Telugu) prajasakthi
14-12-2013 'We too want Metro' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
12-12-2013 '3 routes' (Telugu) Eenadu
12-12-2013 'Metro Facility for Old City' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
12-12-2013 'Metro Facility for Old City' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
09-12-2013 'Metro works are going on in full swing' (Telugu) Sakshi
08-12-2013 'Hyderabad Metro to be a role model for other elevated metros in India' (Telugu) Sakshi
08-12-2013 "Cycling to work" CORPORATE INITIATIVE GIVES IT A BIG BOOST The Hans India
08-12-2013 CEOs SHOW THE WAY The Hans India
05-12-2013 'Metro works are at brisk pace' (Telugu) Sakshi
04-12-2013 Aditya's onward journey flagged off on World Disability Day Metro India
04-12-2013 Of Spokes, grit and determination The Hans India
04-12-2013 Cycling champ makes pit stop in city The Hindu
04-12-2013 Setting Sights High The Times Of India
04-12-2013 'Self confidence increased with Disability Awareness Walk' (Telugu) Sakshi
04-12-2013 'Felicitation for differently-abled cyclist' (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
03-12-2013 Metro Trains, Stns to be Disabled-friendly Indian Express
03-12-2013 Metro Rail to provide disabled-friendly system The Hindu
03-12-2013 'Special facilities for differently-abled people in Metro' (Telugu) Sakshi
03-12-2013 'Special facilities for differently-abled people in Metro' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
03-12-2013 'Differently abled @ Metro' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana

03-12-2013 'Special travelling facilities in Metro for differently abled' (Telugu)


30-11-2013 'Automatic Ticketing' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
27-11-2013 HMR installs Ambedkar's statue at KP 'Y' Junction Metro India
27-11-2013 HMR installs Ambedkar statue, develops park The Hans India,indian express
27-11-2013 'HMR installs Ambedkar Statue at Kukatpally Y Junction' (Telugu) Eenadu
27-11-2013 'HMR installs Ambedkar Statue at Kukatpally Y Junction' (Hindi) Hindi Milap
27-11-2013 'HMR installs Ambedkar Statue at Kukatpally Y Junction' (Telugu) Sakshi
27-11-2013 'HMR installs Ambedkar Statue at Kukatpally Y Junction' (Urdu) Saisat
24-11-2013 'Students should involve in India's Development' (Telugu) Andhra prabha
24-11-2013 'Swami Vivekananda Youth Leadership award for V N Sonalini' (Hindi) Hindi Milap
24-11-2013 'Metro Brand Ambassadors selected' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
24-11-2013 'Victory is easy with Hardwork' (Telugu) Prajasakthi
24-11-2013 'Swami Vivekananda Youth Leadership award for V N Sonalini' (Telugu) Sakshi
24-11-2013 'Follow Swami Vivekananda's Example' Indian Express
24-11-2013 4 students among HMR ambassadors The Hindu
21-11-2013 HMR: laying of high strength rails begins The Hindu
20-11-2013 Laying of Rails on City Metro Track Viaduct Commences Indian Express
20-11-2013 Officials inspect HMR works The Hans India
20-11-2013 Railway board inspects Metro Rail works Metro India
20-11-2013 'Less Noise Pollution with Hyderabad Metro' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
20-11-2013 'Laying of Rails on Metro Viaduct Commences' (Telugu) Sakshi
20-11-2013 'One More Milestone' (Telugu) Visalandhra
18-11-2013 'Hyderabad Metro is next after Dubai Metro' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
17-11-2013 'Metro Ticket card to be a multipurpose card' (Telugu) Sakshi
14-11-2013 'English pronunciation improved by listening to BBC news' (Telugu) Eenadu
08-11-2013 'Hyderabad Metro Phase I to be ready by March 2015' (Hindi) Hindi Milap
08-11-2013 'Hyderabad Metro Rail Project Right On Track' (Telugu) Eenadu
08-11-2013 'Metro authorities refute charges of corruption' (Telugu) Eenadu
08-11-2013 L&T Hyderabad Metro rejects allegations of irregularities in Land Allotment' (Telugu) Sakshi
08-11-2013 'Metro works are at brisk pace' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
08-11-2013 'Metro Rail lays 1000 foundation' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
08-11-2013 ' Hyderabad Metro Phase I to be ready by March 2015' (Telugu) Surya
08-11-2013 Hyderabad Metro Phase I to be ready by March 2015 Business Line
08-11-2013 Metro babus refute KCR quote Deccan Chronicle
08-11-2013 City metro rail lays 1,000th foundation Metro India
08-11-2013 L&T, HMRL deny kickbacks to CM The Hans India
05-11-2013 'Review on Hyderabad Metro Rail works' (Telugu) Sakshi
05-11-2013 'Metro is a gift to Hyderabad' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
29-10-2013 'Hyderabad Metro Rail Project' (Telugu) Eenadu
26-10-2013 HMR Managing Director Denies Giving Excess Land to Concessionaire Indian Express
26-10-2013 'HMR Managing Director Denies Giving Excess Land to Concessionaire' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
24-10-2013 Metro work 'speed' silences all, says HMR chief The Hindu
24-10-2013 'Strive for village development' (Telugu) Sakshi
24-10-2013 'Big cities expanded double their size' (Telugu) Eenadu
23-10-2013 '25 Metro Malls' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana

20-10-2013 Launch girders of Metro Rail installed The Hindu
21-10-2013 HMR plans 25 hot sports The Hans India
22-10-2013 'HMR's 'Post a Pic' winners felicitated' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
22-10-2013 'HMR's 'Post a Pic' winners felicitated' (Telugu) Eenadu
22-10-2013 A Trophy Pichture For HMR Indian Express

HMR awards photo graphy contest winners Metro India
22-10-2013 'HMR's 'Post a Pic' winners felicitated' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
22-10-2013 HMR to have the best Metro features in the world The Hindu
18-10-2013 'Daily Events at Metro Rail Coach Expo' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
18-10-2013 Daily Events at Metro Rail Coach Expo Indian Express
17-10-2013 'Hyderabad Metro Rail is an extraordinary project' (Telugu) Eenadu
16-10-2013 'HMR is now focusing on Corridor-II' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
10-10-2013 'Moily travelled in Metro' (Telugu) Eenadu
10-10-2013 Moily's Metro Ride to Drive Home Forex Conservation Indian Express
05-10-2013 'Modern Facades' (Telugu) Surya
04-10-2013 wow! it is incredible Hyderabad Hans
04-10-2013 Award for Hyderabad Metro Rail project The Hindu
03-10-2013 Hyundai-Rotem supplies first coach to L&T Hyderabad Metro Business Line
03-10-2013 Hyderabad Metro exhibits Model coach for public' (Telugu) Eenadu

'Hyderabad Metro exhibits Model coach for public' (Telugu)

Namaste Telangana
03-10-2013 'Hyderabad Metro exhibits Model coach for public' (Telugu) Sakshi
03-10-2013 Hyderabad Metro exhibits Model coach for public' (Telugu) Sakshi
03-10-2013 'Hyderabad Metro exhibits Model coach for public' (Telugu) Sakshi
03-10-2013 Model Metro coach unveiled The Hans India
30-09-2013 'Governor inagurates Bike Station' (Telugu) Eenadu
30-09-2013 'Governor inagurates Bike Station' (Telugu) Sakshi
30-09-2013 Governor inagurates Bike Station The Hindu
26-09-2013 'HMR bags gold global award for safety measures' (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
26-09-2013 'HMR bags gold global award for safety measures' (Telugu) Sakshi
26-09-2013 'HMR bags gold global award for safety measures' (Telugu) Eenadu
26-09-2013 'HMR MD invites Governor for the inauguration of ''Cycle to work'' programme' (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
26-09-2013 HMR bags gold global award for safety measures The Hindu
24-09-2013 'HMR announces design competition for landscaping' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
24-09-2013 'HMR announces design competition for landscaping' (Telugu) Prajasakthi
24-09-2013 'HMR announces design competition for landscaping' (Telugu) Sakshi
24-09-2013 Metro Rail project to boost Capital's brand equity The Hindu
23-09-2013 city metro charged up Deccan Chronicle
23-09-2013 Hunt begins for HMR brand ambassadors The Hindu
13-09-2013 Appreciations for Hyderabad Metro Deccan Chronicle
13-09-2013 Metro Rail Ready to Talk to ISKCON for Land Indian Express
13-09-2013 'Appreciations for Hyderabad Metro' (Telugu) Namasthe Telagana
13-09-2013 'Appreciations for Hyderabad Metro' (Telugu) Sakshi
13-09-2013 'Appreciations for Hyderabad Metro' (Telugu) Surya
13-09-2013 'Open for negotiation with ISKCON' The Hans India
13-09-2013 METRO ROUND THE BEND Times of India
12-09-2013 'Petro hikes favours Metro travel' (Telugu) Eenadu
11-09-2013 'Hyderabad Metro gets international recognition' (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
11-09-2013 'Responsibility increased with Awards' (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
07-09-2013 HMR releases Rs 435 crore to GHMC for road widening Metro India
07-09-2013 '200cr Metro funds for road widening' (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
07-09-2013 200cr Metro funds for road widening Deccan Chronicle
07-09-2013 '200cr Metro funds for road widening' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
06-09-2013 'Hyderabad Metro is Gold' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
02-09-2013 'Gold Award for Hyderabad Metro' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi

HMR wins gold award for safety Deccan Chronicle
29-08-2013 'Hyderabad Metro designed after studying 200 Metros world wide' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
27-08-2013 'Hyderabad Metro works are at brisk pace' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
30-07-2013 'Metro Excels this way' (Telugu) Eenadu
30-07-2013 'Huge response to Vana Prasadam' (Telugu) Namaste telangana
29-07-2013 Motor-free vicinity for stations Deccan Chronicle
26-07-2013 HMR offers to take up plantation The Hindu
25-07-2013 'This year's target.....60,000 plants' (Telugu) Sakshi
25-07-2013 'Metro Vana Deeksha..!' (Telugu) Namaste telangana
24-07-2013 'No Alignment change for Metro corridor III' (Telugu) Andhraprabha
22-07-2013 'PPP most essential for development of Railways- MD HMR Mr.NVS Reddy' (Urdu) The Munsif
22-07-2013 Private investments must to develop railways : HMR chief The Hindu
22-07-2013 PPP most essential to expand rail network: HMR MD The Hans India
20-07-2013 'Highly sophisticated technology for Metro Rail – MD L&T Metro Rail V B Gadgil' (Telugu) Visalandhra
20-07-2013 'Dollar's increase will not affect Metro' (Telugu) Andhra jyothi
20-07-2013 Metro rails to be laid in a month on first stretch The Hindu
19-07-2013 'Metro, the Ugadi gift of 2015' (Telugu) Sakshi
19-07-2013 Metro Phase - I to be'15 Ugadi gift Deccan chronicle
19-07-2013 HMR Plans 200 skywalks

The Hans India

19-07-2013 'First Metro Rail section to be ready by 2015 Ugadi' The Hindu
18-07-2013 'Pedestrian facilities around Metro' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
17-07-2013 HMR moots 'inclusive' footpaths The Hindu
15-07-2013 Iskcon opposes temple land acquisition The Hindu
11-07-2013 Queue up for 50,000 Metro Rail jobs Deccan Chronicle
11-07-2013 Hyderabad Metro picture contest Business line
11-07-2013 Capture Metro Rail and win prizes The Hans India
09-07-2013 'Hyderabad metro rail is not just another project' Business Line
08-07-2013 'Maternity hospital in a Metro station' (Telugu) Sakshi
08-07-2013 'New look to Hyderabad city with Metro' (Hindi) Hindi Milap , visalaandhra
08-07-2013 Metro Rail Builder Seeks to Make city Eco-Friendly Indian Express
08-07-2013 HMR MD Promises Best Metro Experience The Hindu
08-07-2013 Extraordinary achievers The Hans India
07-07-2013 'Our metro is great' (Telugu) Namaste telangana
05-07-2013 'Advanced engineering expertise for Metro Rail' (Telugu) Namaste telangana
01-07-2013 2 mega commercial centres in the offing Deccan Chronicle
30-06-2013 HMR on Track The Hans India
29-06-2013 'Master plan for extended Metro Rail routes' (Telugu) Sakshi,HIndi Milap
29-06-2013 Special Task force meeting on metro rail held The Hans India
29-06-2013 Metro to chug on master plan The Hindu
04-07-2013 'Metro Rail – A dream of Hyderabadis' (Telugu) AndhraBhoomi
25-06-2013 'Ultra modern coaches for HMR' (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
24-06-2013 'In-Situ construction for HMR at long span traffic junctions' (Telugu) AndhraJyothi,Sakshi
24-06-2013 Metro work to begin in multiple places The Hindu
24-06-2013 METRO FACES BIG HURDLES AT 26 X-ROADS Deccan Chronicle
17-06-2013 'Metro Rail works at brisk pace even in monsoon' (Telugu) Sakshi
17-06-2013 'Hyderabad Metro Rail to implement Automatic Fare Collection system' (Telugu) AndhraJyothi
15-06-2013 'Miyapur Depot to be developed as a knowledge hub' (Telugu) Eenadu

Metro rail gets test track The Hindu
13-06-2013 'HMR transforming Hyderabad in to a Global green city' (Telugu) Eenadu
11-06-2013 'Hyderabad Metro Rail is Earthquake proof' (Telugu) Namasthe Telagana
08-06-2013 Metro Rail on Right Tracks: Experts Indian Express
08-06-2013 Metro inducts panel of experts to oversee safety Business Line
08-06-2013 Efforts on to make Metro safe, world class: experts The Hindu
08-06-2013 'Hyderabad Metro Rail is ultra modern compared to other metros' (Telugu)-visalandhra visalandhra
08-06-2013 'Hyderabad Metro Rail is ultra modern compared to other metros' (Telugu)-Sakshi Sakshi
08-06-2013 'Hyderabad Metro Rail is ultra modern compared to other metros' (Telugu)-Namaste Telangana Namaste Telangana
08-06-2013 'Hyderabad Metro Rail is ultra modern compared to other metros' (Telugu) Eenadu
05-06-2013 'Metro Rail to reduce pollution city' (Telugu) Sakshi, Surya

Metro to bring down pollution level The Hans india

Metro rail to reduce pollution

Deccan Chronicle
05-06-2013 Get set for an eco-friendly Metro The Hindu
04-06-2013 'Metro speed' (Telugu) Namasthe Telagana
03-06-2013 'Metro Rail vroom vroom!!!'(Telugu) Sakshi
03-06-2013 'Metro Rail to start running from 2015' (Hindi) HindiMilap
03-06-2013 'Metro Rail to run with driverless technology' (Telugu) Eenadu
03-06-2013 'Metro Rail to operate from Uppal Depot' (Telugu) AndhraPrabha
03-06-2013 Metro work on mission mode The Hindu
03-06-2013 Metro sticks to time Deccan Chronicle
28-05-2013 Minister reviews Metro Rail works The Hans India
28-05-2013 Skywalk to link khairatabad Metro station, Secretariat The Hindu
28-05-2013 'Skywalks soon' (Telugu) Namasthe Telagana
27-05-2013 'Metro Rail to open a new line on every important festival' (Telugu) Eenadu
26-05-2013 'All is well for Hyderabad Metro Rail' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
26-05-2013 'Not even a piece of paper on road'- HMR MD Mr. NVS Reddy (Telugu) Eenadu
25-05-2013 World Bank all for an eco-friendly city The Hindu
24-05-2013 Metro Rail to transform Hyderabad to green city The Hans India
24-05-2013 World Bank, Hyderabad Metro focus on transit-oriented development Business Line
24-05-2013 'World Bank to assist Hyderabad Metro Rail project' (Telugu) Eenadu, Sakshi
21-05-2013 Fire saftey measures in place at metro stations The Hans India
21-05-2013 Hyderabad Metro finalises fire security measures Deccan Chronicle
21-05-2013 'Metro Rail depots to have fire safety centres' (Telugu) Sakshi
17-05-2013 'Hyderabad Metro Rail an engineering wonder' (Telugu) AndhraJyothi
14-05-2013 'Metro Rail station works picked up pace' (Telugu) Eenadu
14-05-2013 'Metro Rail tracks in June' (Telugu) Sakshi
08-05-2013 'HMR gets Viability Gap Funding' (Telugu) Eenadu
05-05-2013 'Metro Rail works at brisk pace' (Telugu) AndhraBhoomi
29-04-2013 '6 principles to reach coveted position in life' – HMR MD Mr. NVS Reddy (Telugu) Eenadu
28-04-2013 'Give way to Metro Rail works' - Mrs. Minnie Mathew, Chief Secretary (Telugu) Eenadu, Vaartha
28-04-2013 Metro soon to get road cutting permit Deccan Chronicle
28-04-2013 CS wants utility shifting works to be expedited The Hindu
26-04-2013 'Metro Rail is my baby' (Telugu) Sakshi
22-04-2013 HMR to begin rail crossover work Deccan Chronicle
21-04-2013 Metro's stage-1 works near completion, 1st coach by oct. Deccan Chronicle
19-04-2013 'HMR MD Mr.NVS Reddy inspecting Metro Rail works of Corridor – I' (Telugu) Sakshi,vaarthe,andhrajyothi
19-04-2013 Metro corridor Bottlenecks to be removed Indian Express
14-04-2013 'Metro shines' (Telugu) Surya
14-04-2013 'Global Award for Hyderabad Metro Rail' (Telugu) Vaartha
8-04-2013 Emulate Hyderabad Metro Rail, Centre Tells other Metro Rail Firms

Indian Express

8-04-2013 Centre lauds HMR The Hindu
5-04-2013 First Metro model coach to arrive in city in october Deccan Chronicle
3-04-2013 APSRTC to provide access to metro rail The Times of India
2-04-2013 'Sort out Metro Rail traffic problems' – Mrs. Minnie Mathew, Chief Secretary (Telugu) Sakshi
2-04-2013 'Paid parking cancelled' (Telugu)


2-04-2013 Metro Rail: six key stretches to be barricaded for construction The Hindu
31-03-2013 World award for HMR Deccan Chronicle
31-03-2013 'Global Award for Hyderabad Metro Rail before completion' (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
31-03-2013 'Hyderabad Metro Rail to get the feel of Singapore Metro' (Telugu) Sakshi
30-03-2013 LIFE IN A METRO The Times of India
26-03-2013 'Translocated trees by Hyderabad Metro Rail survive' (Telugu) Eenadu
25-03-2013 'Hyderabadis eagerly await for Metro Rail journey' (Telugu) Eenadu
19-03-2013 'Rs 500 Cr. allotted for Hyderabad Metro Rail project' (Telugu) Sakshi
17-03-2013 'Senior Defence officers study Hyderabad Metro Rail project' (Telugu) Eenadu
16-03-2013 'Global Organisations praise Hyderabad Metro Rail project' (Telugu) Eenadu
14-03-2013 Nagole-Mettuguda phase by 2014 The Hindu
14-03-2013 Stage I of metro to be raedy by 2015 The Hindu

'Best Engineering Project of the Year Award for Hyderabad Metro Rail' (Telugu) Srujana Priya
12-03-2013 'Translocated trees survived' (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
10-03-2013 Funds for 'walk to work' towns Deccan Chronicle
5-03-2013 'Hyderabad Metro Rail sets example for plant protection' (Telugu) JanaPaksham
2-03-2013 HMR WINS GLOBAL INFRA AWARD Deccan Chronicle
2-03-2013 'CM congratulates Hyderabad Metro Rail for Global Award' (Telugu) Sakshi,andhra jyothi,eenadu
2-03-2013 'Global Recognition for Hyderabad Metro Rail project' (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
21-02-2013 Trees to be relocated The Hindu
19-02-2013 Samsung to collect Hyderabad metro fare The Times of India
19-02-2013 L&T awards fare system contract to samsung Business Standard
19-02-2013 All-Purpose Card Planned for Metro

Indian Express
19-02-2013 All for a tech-filled Metro ride The Hindu
18-02-2013 Reddy longs to open a book on Metro Rail saga The Hans of India
17-02-2013 RIGHT ON TRACK Deccan Chronicle
17-02-2013 Move over Charminar, city's new landmark is going to be Metro! The Hindu
17-02-2013 'No New Lands will Be Acquired for Metro Rail' Indian Express

Women give tips for safer Metro Deccan Chronicle
11-02-2013 HMR 'QUIZES' WOMEN FOR SUGGESTIONS Indian Express
7-02-2013 'Metro Rail works on fast pace' (Telugu) Surya
5-02-2013 FOR A SMOOTH RIDE The Hindu
4-02-2013 'Land acquisition for Metro Rail speeds up' (Telugu) Visalaandhra
4-02-2013 Major Hurdle Crossed for HMR Project Indian Express
4-02-2013 HMR officials successfully resolve a Knotty issue The Hindu
4-02-2013 Big part of Metro work to end before rains Deccan Chronicle
2-02-2013 'Rebirth for trees' (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
2-02-2013 'NIRBHAYA commute facility' (Telugu) Eenadu,vaartha,sakshi
2-02-2013 City metro to have tight security for women's safety Deccan Chronicle
2-02-2013 A gender - safe Metro on cards The Hindu
1-02-2013 'Modern Metro' (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
30-01-2013 'Metro Rail Task Force Sub-committee examines traffic facilitation works' (Telugu) Eenadu, Sakshi
30-01-2013 'Metro Rail Task Force Sub-committee examines traffic facilitation works' (Hindi) Hindi Milap
30-01-2013 Metro pier works to be speeded up

The Hindu
30-01-2013 March For Metro The Times of India
30-01-2013 HPS - Rail station stretch checked Deccan Chronicle
28-01-2013 City Students to be face of Hyderabad Metro Rail Deccan Chronicle
27-01-2013 'Metro Rail will strengthen public transport' (Telugu) Andhra Prabha ,prajasakhi,sakshi

'Metro rail project progressing briskly' The Hindu
24-01-2013 'Face the challenges courageously' – HMR MD Mr. NVS Reddy advises students at Sanskriti 2013 fest in OU (Telugu) Vaartha,namasthe telangana,vishalandhra
23-01-2013 'Metro Rail works to be completed in time' (Telugu) Surya
23-01-2013 'First Metro station to come up at Uppal' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
22-01-2013 'Metro Rail work gains momentum' (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
22-01-2013 'Metro Rail pillars are damsels playing in moonlight' (Telugu) Eenadu
22-01-2013 Tata Corus bags contract to supply steel rail to Hyderabad Metro Business Line
22-01-2013 Metro to run one train every 90 sec Deccan Chronicle
22-01-2013 Metro to Chug on French Rails The Hindu
21-01-2013 'No hurdles to Metro Rail' – HMR MD Mr.NVS Reddy (Telugu) Sakshi
21-01-2013 'Metro Rail a milestone for development' (Telugu) Eenadu,PrajaSakthi, Sakshi
19-01-2013 Hyd Metro Rail Project Picks Up Steam The Times of India
18-01-2013 'Heavy rush at Metro Rail stall in Numaish exhibition' (Telugu) AndhraJyothi
14-01-2013 Metro Rail to seek People's Opinion on Security System Deccan Chronicle
10-01-2013 'Metro Rail bypass at Secunderabad station' (Telugu) AndhraJyothi
09-01-2013 'Decentralization of development- Shri M.Maheedhar Reddy, MA&UD Minister' (Telugu) AndhraPrabha, AndhraJyothi
09-01-2013 L&T Metro Rail seeks brand ambassadors The Hindu
08-01-2013 'HMR conducting Quiz, Elocution, Essay writing & Debate competitions for girls & women' (Telugu) Surya
07-01-2013 HMR to Conduct Competitions The Hindu
07-01-2013 'HMR conducting Numaish Competitions for girls & women' (Telugu) PrajaSakthi
06-01-2013 Steaming Head The Hindu
06-01-2013 Metro Rail Stall Opened at Numaish Indian Express
06-01-2013 'Metro Rail stall draws huge crowds at Numaish

exhibition, Nampally' (Telugu)

06-01-2013 'Metro Rail shall be extended to other corners of the city - Shri M.Maheedhar Reddy, MA&UD Minister' (Telugu) Sakshi, Vaartha
06-01-2013 'MA&UD Minister Shri M.Maheedhar Reddy inaugurates Metro Rail stall in Numaish exhibition, Nampally' (Telugu) Namasthe Telagana
06-01-2013 Land Acquisition for metro gathers pace The Times of India
06-01-2013 Hyderabad Metro to have gender equality DeccanChronicle
06-01-2013 'Hyderabad Metro Rail conducting competitions for women & girls' (Telugu) Eenadu
05-01-2013 Metro Rail Project to rejuvenate real estate with new ideas The Hindu
02-01-2013 Overhead Uninterrupted Power line for metro The Hindu
20-12-2012 '1000 dreams Metro' (Telugu) Sakshi
10-12-2012 'HMR MD's interview with Sakshi' (Telugu) Sakshi
10-12-2012 'Casting of 1000 Metro Segments completed' (Hindi) Hindi Milap
10-12-2012 'Another milestone for Hyderabad Metro Rail' (Telugu) Sakshi,surya
09-12-2012 Metro among 100 Global Projects Deccan Chronicle
03-12-2012 METRO RAIL ON TRACK The Times of India
03-12-2012 1st Metro station at Uppal next yr Deccan Chronicle
26-11-2012 'Metro Rail to be completed by 2014' (Telugu) Sakshi
26-11-2012 Metro project on schedule The Hans India
26-11-2012 Kiran warns troublemakers The Hindu
26-11-2012 Kiran vows to turn city into world class The Times of India
26-11-2012 'City development is my responsibility - Mr. N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, Hon'ble Chief Minister' (Telugu) Eenadu
25-11-2012 'One more milestone in Metro'(Telugu) Eenadu
25-11-2012 'No inconvenience to the public during Metro Rail works - Mr. NVS Reddy, MD HMR' (Telugu) PrajaSakthi
25-11-2012 'Metro Rail works picks up speed' (Telugu) Sakshi
25-11-2012 Metro Rail Work Enters New Phase Today IndianExpress, DeccanChronicle, The Hans India
25-11-2012 'Hyderabad Metro Rail project - CM tour in city today' (Telugu) AndhraPrabha
25-11-2012 'Better transport with Metro Rail' (Telugu) Surya
25-11-2012 'Another milestone for Metro Rail project' (Telugu) NamastheTelagana
21-11-2012 First metro train to run in mid-2015 The Hindu
19-11-2012 L&T speeds up work on Metro Railway Deccan Chronicle
18-11-2012 Metro corridor to get realty Boost Deccan Chronicle
18-11-2012 'For better air quality plant trees - Mr. NVS Reddy, MD HMR' (Telugu) Vaartha, Surya
17-11-2012 Latest Signalling, communication-based train control system for HMR TheHindu, BusinessLine, DeccanChronicle, The Times of India
17-11-2012 'Hyderabad Metro Rail is superb' (Telugu) AndhraJyothi, Namasthe Telagana
16-11-2012 'Technology speeds up Metro Rail works' (Telugu) Eenadu
16-11-2012 Metro Rail: work on launch girders to begin soon The Hindu
16-11-2012 'Metro Rail work areas to be made hassle free for commuters - Mr. N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, Hon'ble Chief Minister instructs authorities' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
16-11-2012 L&T allowed to construct piers at more sites The Hindu
13-11-2012 'HMR to transform Hyderabad into a People friendly city - HMR MDs interview with Surya' (Telugu) Surya
12-11-2012 'Metro Rail stations to have feeder bus services' (Telugu) Surya
11-11-2012 Metro Rail will fuel real estate growth The Hindu
10-11-2012 'Project to be completed within the timelines - Mr.Maheedhar Reddy, Minister MA&UD' (Telugu) Eenadu,Namasthe Telagana, Prajasakthi,Visaalandhra
10-11-2012 Metro rail: L&T plea to State on clearances The Hindu
10-11-2012 Metro rail showing REAL STEEL Indian Express
10-11-2012 L&T commissions steel cutting unit for Hyderabad Metro Business Line
10-11-2012 'City to get international recognition - HMR MDs interview with Eenadu' (Telugu) Eenadu
05-11-2012 Property show paints rosy picture of city's realty sector The Hindu
05-11-2012 'CREDAI Property Show drew huge crowds' (Telugu) Eenadu
05-11-2012 'CREDAI Mega Property Show concluded' (Telugu) Sakshi
04-11-2012 Metro rail project has built-in checks The Hindu
01-11-2012 'Greater Green City' (Telugu) Surya

HMR distributes 40,000 saplings The Hindu
20-10-2012 'Bicycle stations at all Metro Rail stations' (Telugu) Eenadu,andhrajyothi
17-10-2012 Vana Prasadam scheme extended The Hindu
16-10-2012 UNIQUE PIERS FOR THE METRO Indian Express

'Faster, cheaper and greener commute through Metro' (Telugu Ad) Sakshi
16-10-2012 'Eco-friendly & safe public transport through Metro - HMR MD interview with Sakshi' (Telugu) Sakshi
15-10-2012 'HMRs Vanadeeksha program got overwhelming response' (Telugu) Visaalandhra
15-10-2012 'HMRs Vanadeeksha and Vanaprasadam programs extended till November end' (Telugu) Sakshi,prajasakhi
15-10-2012 HMR Extends Plantation Schemes indain express
14-10-2012 Metro rail line to bypass Secunderabad railway station The Hindu
09-10-2012 Metro rail to carry 60,000 passengers per hour The Hindu
06-10-2012 'Metro Corridor I barrication upto Moosapet' (Telugu) Vaartha
06-10-2012 'HMRs Vana Deeksha at NGRI' (Telugu) Sakshi
03-10-2012 Vanaprasadam, a hit with citizens Indian Express
03-10-2012 Parking space for bicycles at metro stations The Hindu
03-10-2012 'Metro Rail a public convenient transport' (Telugu) Prajasakthi
03-10-2012 Hyderabad Metro to distribute saplings Business Line
03-10-2012 'HMR distributes saplings at Elders Mela under Vana Prasadam scheme' (Hindi) Hindi Milap
03-10-2012 'Heritage & Peace bike ride at Necklace Road on Gandhi Jayanthi day' (Telugu) Eenadu
02-10-2012 'Metro Rail Vana Prasadam scheme' (Telugu) Eenadu, Sakshi
01-10-2012 'Metro Rail a solution to traffic problems' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
26-09-2012 Metro Rail Work Site Decked Up The Hans India
20-09-2012 'Metro Rail flex boards on Uppal road' (Telugu) Eenadu
20-09-2012 'Acquisition of land for Metro Rail project' (Telugu) AndhraPrabha
19-09-2012 'Telugu folk songs album Metro Railochhene released by MA&UD Minister Shri Maheedhar Reddy' (Telugu) AndhraJyothi, Prajasakthi,Surya, Visaalandhra
19-09-2012 Folk Song album on Metro Rail released The Hindu
17-09-2012 Metro Rail authorities make it easier for traffic at work site Deccan Chronicle
17-09-2012 'Development works across Metro Rail corridors' (Telugu) Surya
16-09-2012 'Vana Deeksha An HMR initiative' (Telugu) AndhraPrabha, Visaalandhra, Surya, PrajaSakthi
12-09-2012 'Metro Rail works going on at brisk pace' (Telugu) AndhraBhoomi, Visaalandhra
12-09-2012 'Metro Rail coaches with international standards' (Telugu) Eenadu
10-09-2012 HMR Removes Traffic Bottlenecks The Hindu
09-09-2012 'Traffic bottlenecks being cleared across Metro Rail corridors' (Telugu) AndhraPrabha, Surya
09-09-2012 Metro Bottlenecks at Mettuguda Cleared Indian Express
09-09-2012 223 Properties to be acquired for Metro Rail Works Deccan Chronicle
08-09-2012 'Positive vibe in realty sector' (Telugu) Eenadu
02-09-2012 Vehicles Drive Air Pollution The Hans India
01-09-2012 'Phone in live - (Dont believe bad propaganda and dont sell your properties' (Telugu) Sakshi
31-08-2012 'Co-ordination meeting among various Government departments for city development'(Telugu) Indian Express,eenadu,andhrajyothi
30-08-2012 Metro Boost for City Heritage Deccan Chronicle
30-08-2012 Defence Ministry to get 25 acres at Jawaharnagar The Hindu
30-08-2012 'Chief Secretary Mrs. Minnie Mathew reviewed Metro Rail project works' (Telugu) Vaartha,Eenadu, AndhraJyothi,Surya
22-08-2012 'Storm water drain work to be completed immediately instructs MD, HMR' (Telugu) Eenadu
21-08-2012 'Metro Rail officials to focus on traffic bottlenecks' (Telugu) Eenadu,Sakshi, Vaartha
21-08-2012 HMR to Repair Damaged Roads in Corridors The Hans India,Indian Express,TheHindu, Deccan Chronicle
20-08-2012 'Metro Rail works at fast pace' (Telugu) AndhraJyothi
15-08-2012 Railway officials hold parleys on Metro Safety Business Line
15-08-2012 'Railway Board Adviser (Projects) inspected Metro Rail pre-cast yard and depot works'(Telugu) Eenadu,Sakshi, AndhraPrabha
15-08-2012 Hyderabad Metro Rail to be Energy-Efficient facility The Hindu
13-08-2012 'Metro special effects' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
12-08-2012 'Seats in Metro Rail for differently-abled' (Telugu) Sakshi, AndhraBhoomi, Namasthe Telagana
12-08-2012 Metro Stations and Trains to be disabled Friendly The Hindu, The Hans India
10-08-2012 'Prioritize Public Transport' (Telugu) Eenadu,Andhra Jyothi, Namasthe Telagana
09-08-2012 'Metro Rail in 5 years - Mr.M Maheedhar Reddy (Minister MA&UD)'(Telugu) Eenadu
09-08-2012 CM Wants Metro Rail Ready by 2016 Deccan Chronicle
08-08-2012 'Metro Rail a Boon' (Telugu) PrajaSakthi
07-08-2012 Fast-track Business Line
02-08-2012 'Hyderabad Metro Rail attracting other States' (Telugu) andhraprabha
29-07-2012 'Encourage green transport' (Telugu) Eenadu,sakshi,andhrajyothi,surya
24-07-2012 'Pollution on the rise in Hyderabad' (Telugu) Sakshi
17-07-2012 Foolproof security built into Hyderabad Metro station designs Business Line
16-07-2012 Cantilever stations for metro rail The Hindu,Indian Express,Deccan Chronicle
15-06-2012 'Metro Rail works at a brisk pace' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
16-07-2012 'Metro Rail stations are Eco-friendly' (Telugu) Eenadu,Sakshi,Surya
12-07-2012 'Tough Journey for students' (Telugu)  
06-07-2012 Clock starts ticking for Metro Rail TheHindu,Indian Express, The Times of India, BusinessLine,Business Standard
06-07-2012 'Hyderabad Metro Rail in 5 years' (Hindi) Hindi Milap
06-07-2012 'Countdown for Metro Rail begins' (Telugu) Eenadu,Sakshi, Surya,Visaalandhra
20-01-2012 Notice Under Section 5-A of the Land Acquisition Act Eenadu, Deccan Chronicle
20-01-2012 Metro pillars to come up soon Deccan Chronicle
20-01-2012 'Hyderabd metro project work to be expedited' Business line
20-01-2012 HMR to start operations on 2 routes in 3 yrs The Hindu
20-01-2012 'Hyderabad Metro Rail - Nagole to Mettuguda route ready in 2years' (Telugu) Sakshi
20-01-2012 '50,000 jobs & 50,000 Cr. investments'(Telugu) Eenadu
4-02-2012 Metro rail finalises 6-stage schedule The Hindu,Eenadu

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30-04-2012 'Phone in Live' (Telugu) Eenadu
29-04-2012 'Metro Cover Story' - Sunday Suppliment (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
28-04-2012 Sthirasthi - 'Impact of Metro Rail on the growth of Hyderabad' (Telugu) Eenadu
30-05-2012 Chief Minister reviews metro rail works The Hindu,businessline,Indian express
30-05-2012 'CM releasing a film on Hyderabad Metro Rail' (Telugu) Eenadu
28-05-2012 Use of cycles promoted in city The Hindu
28-05-2012 Metro line to be 8.5 metres above existing rail line at secunderabad The Hindu
25-05-2012 'Roads widened for Metro Rail works' (Telugu) Vaartha
21-05-2012 Hyderabad Metro Rail station to house hair salons to hospitals The Economic Times
11-05-2012 HMR gearing up for another challenge The Hindu
28-06-2012 36 properties to be acquired for metro rail The Hindu
28-06-2012 'Traffic Management Sub-committee inspects Metro Rail works' (Telugu) Eenadu,Sakshi, AndhraJyothi, Surya
25-06-2012 HMR pact with IIT Delhi for study on pedestrain facilities The Hindu, Times of India,Deccan Chronicle
17-06-2012 'Lecture by HMR MD Mr.NVS Reddy on 'Urbanisation & Living Conditions' at Visalaandhra Diamond Jubilee Celebrations' (Telugu) Visaalandhra,Sakshi, AndhraJyothi
15-06-2012 HMR's eco-friendly stations floor official The Hindu
14-06-2012 'Central funds for Metro Rail facilities' – says Dr.Sudhir Krishna Urban Development Secretary, GoI (Telugu) Eenadu
14-06-2012 'Dr.Sudhir Krishna Urban Development Secretary, GoI appreciates 'Integration of Metro Rail with other modes of public transport' (Telugu) AndhraJyothi
14-06-2012 Centre may consider extending urban renewal plan (for Hyderabad Metro-related projects) Business Line
12-06-2012 Railways lets Metro pick girder type Deccan Chronicle
12-06-2012 HMR: Railway Board assures cooperation The Hindu
12-06-2012 'Additional Member (Works), Railway Board Mr. AK Gupta 'assures continuous support to Metro Rail' (Telugu) Eenadu
10-06-2012 Lives and the Metro The Times of India
10-06-2012 'I shall not accept defeat' - HMR MD's profile-cum-interview with Eenadu' (Telugu) Eenadu
9-06-2012 'Metro is not a magic wand' - HMR MD's interview with Andhra Jyothi' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
7-06-2012 L&T metro rail schedule on track The Hindu
6-06-2012 HMR officials yet to acquire 188 properties The Hindu

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